I had a good reason.

Over the years I've occasionally fallen behind on finishing a column, but only once was my delay longer than half a month. I've had good excuses, like being on vacation, or having too many pressing tasks to attend to. As I've noted in the past, maintaining the regularity of a monthly column helps me to pace myself with other tasks as well, and it serves as a sort of cognitive spring cleaning, a way of getting excess baggage out of the way so that I can start thinking about other, newer, items. Because of this, if I can avoid it, I prefer not to fall behind.

My longest delay was between January and April of 2000, during which I put the Boidem on a back burner while I plunged into my thesis. I'd gotten back on pace even before formal submission, but those were months when, though I'd made notes to myself, and even outlined my columns, the Boidem itself became the excess baggage to a task that had to be completed by June. And yet, after submitting my thesis I preferred to pick up where I'd left off and actually post columns for the missing months. With a blog I wouldn't feel compelled to do that. Then again, blogs are considerably less forgiving about misrepresenting actual dates of postings.

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