I'm dreaming of a short blog post.

Though defining precisely what regular blog posts might be is difficult, it should be rather clear that mine aren't. The topic is certainly open for discussion, but at least on two counts I think it's clear that mine stray from what might be called normative - they're consistently too long, and they're usually "finished", meaning that they've been reread and edited until I'm confident that I won't be embarrassing myself too much by clicking on "Publish". Though in rather classic blog fashion, they represent "thinking on screen", more often than not they seem to be too "thought out". Instead of giving voice to question marks that spring up as I read and/or experience (as, to my mind, good blog posts should), they seem instead to lean too heavily toward exclamation points.

On the other hand, I devote a great deal of time to reading "professional" blog posts, and rather than continually finding new and different question marks, I find that many blogger seem to ask, over and over again, only one or two questions. Though I certainly think that we're still far off from having answers to some very basic educational questions, when I continually encounter the same question I often find myself asking, hasn't this blogger asked about that here too many times already? Isn't s/he ready to move on to something else? Being overly "thought out" in blog posts can cause us to miss part of their essence, but being underly "thought out" isn't necessarily that much of a virtue.

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