How many times can we make the same joke?

It would appear that anyone who discusses Twitter must, pretty inevitably, make the same sort of comment. If the site asks us to report (either via the web, IM, or mobile phone) what we're doing at this very moment, the "correct" answer should be something along the lines of: posting a short report to Twitter. Anything else really isn't particularly accurate. That, however, doesn't seem to stop people from being a bit less literal, and actually report what they're doing. In the perhaps month and a half that I've been following Twitter the number of posts as listed on the counter on the site has grown from about 150,000 to, as of this writing, almost 300,000. At any particular moment of the day we can click into the most recent posts on the site and get a glimpse of what total strangers are, or were, doing at that time. We can even choose to follow someone, stranger or friend, as he or she reports on some of his or her daily activities. Interesting? Not really. But it is fascinating.

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