More (than I ever wanted to know about) cowbell.

Frankly, it took me much more effort than was justifiable to reconstruct (for myself at least) how it is that I learned about "more cowbell". It was a fascinating discovery, though perhaps the most fascinating part was learning that I'd, apparently accidentally, plodded into a subculture that I know nothing about.

Having stumbled upon this important bit of cultural information, I delved into it, discovering (though not to my surprise) that I'd only uncovered the tip of the iceberg, and that time and desire permitting (neither of them do) I could have continued my plunge into (for me) uncharted cultural waters. Still, I had to ask myself whether I really cared, or, perhaps more to the point, could I have survived without knowing about this. The answers were "not really" to the first question, and an undeniable "yes" to the second. Still, this is now information stored away for me, waiting to be accessed if and when I need it some other time.

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