Perhaps nobody wants to admit it.

Though I'm tempted to write something along the lines of "the emperor doesn't have any clothes on", that's not exactly the case. It's more along the lines of here comes the emperor, strutting down the street in what he thinks are brand new duds, and it's embarrassing for us to admit that what he's wearing are the same old clothes that he had on last year and the year before. And for what in the end has turned out to be last year's pedagogic wardrobe, he paid quite a fortune. I don't want to create the impression that I think we need some sort of cost analysis that will determine whether the investment in technology merits the educational results. When that happens, what gets measured is usually test scores rather than anything that actually approaches learning. And despite all my criticism, I'm convinced that these tools have an important role to play in facilitating real learning. But I do think that a bit more modesty, and getting our priorities in order, couldn't hurt.

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