It depends from where you look at things.

Powers of Ten has been a favorite book of mine for perhaps 25 years. (A number of web sites based on the book are available as well [here, for instance] and the entire ten minute Charles and Ray Eames film that led to the book is also available online.) It's based on a simple idea, excellently executed. And to a certain extent, over the years it's become a meme - the perspective that we have on a particular object or event determines how we view it, the significance we bestow upon it. Maybe there's a true purpose and direction to the universe, and our web searches are the synapses of some gigantic brain. In this particular scenario, we're within the thinking process, but not doing the thinking. On the other hand, maybe our actions on the WWW are nothing more than the pounding away on keyboards of six billion monkeys, with the complete works of Shakespeare a totally chance bi-product.

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