Long on "fleeting moments", short on "now".

Yes, I know (I write it all the time) that this is a hypertextual setting, so perhaps there's no reason to assume that (even if anyone really is reading this) he or she is reading it in a linear fashion. But on the outside chance that someone actually is, by this point in the linear development of this column it's a good guess that my proverbial reader is scratching his or her head and saying something along the lines of: "Aren't Boidem columns supposed to deal with computers and information technologies in everyday life? Where is this guy going with this?"

It's a legitimate question. I've even been asking myself, as digression leads to digression, whether I actually remember what it was that I intended to write about. Sometimes columns spring almost whole out of my head. They get written almost fully as I originally pictured them. Others, as seems to be the case this time, know precisely where they start, but can't seem to find what at first seemed to be a clear and obvious path. Maybe if there's a crowd around I could ask directions.

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