Late ... for a reason.

It was the "completion" of a different site, not the Boidem, that was the impetus for this column. But even so, the fact of ceasing work on a web site had a clear and rather immediate effect on my writing of these columns. Suddenly, sitting in front of the keyboard and typing out thoughts wasn't a regular enough activity, and once one day was missed, missing two, and even three, was easy. More and more thoughts crowded into too little thinking space, new ideas started crowding out older ones that still hadn't been worked through. I quickly found myself out of shape - on the one hand, my fingers didn't seem to sit properly on the keyboard, while on the other, the flow of thoughts was congested. Instead of a tangible (more or less) finished product, the physical expression of a completed web site seemed to be no writing at all. It was perhaps the cyberspace equivalent of the saying that busy people always seem to find time for something else.

This column clearly missed the usual Boidem posting time. A delay of a day or two has never been something that I've felt to be particularly significant. This time, however, the date continued to fade farther and farther away into the distance. And still, even though more and more thoughts had been collected, even though numerous pages had been prepared, even though a new column was already being constructed in my head, putting the actual finishing touches on this particular column remained difficult. Instead of giving myself room for more writing, a completed web site seemed to hinder the continuation of another. It was neither writer's block, nor a period of mourning, but ceasing work on a long-running web site definitely brought about a sense of loss (not to mention "lost").

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