The ultimate experience.

I can understand why someone might enjoy cooking his or her own food in a restaurant, though it still seems to me that the main reason why we visit restaurants and buy food in them is because we don't want to cook at home. Still, under certain circumstances - a well equipped kitchen, expert guidance by a chef (not to mention someone else to wash the dishes) - preparing a meal by ourselves in a restaurant can be a fulfilling experience. But why stop there? If we're already going to be preparing the food ourselves, wouldn't we also want to grow it, or hunt it?

Any sufficiently advanced technological society develops specialization among its work force - not only in its nutritional providers, but in its information providers as well. Whether or not this is truly desirable is a topic that stack upon stack of library books have been written (and certainly not something I can make a definitive call on here). But perhaps the participatory trend toward making each of us an information producer is no more than a technologically up-to-date version of getting back to the land.

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