As I tend to doubt it is in this case.

Perhaps this column inadvertently succeeds in elucidating precisely the problem that I've attempted to deal with. At the very least, though it's perhaps longer than an average blog posting, it seems to suffer from many of the same illnesses that plague blogs. It has the feel of having been constructed by a prowling web surfer, desperately attempting to latch onto pretty much anything that catches his interest, attempting in that way to take a variety of almost unrelated items and convert them into his own.

Though it may not show it, this particular column was written in a sort of bloglike, fits and starts, fashion. It feels as though a blogger was simply taking a stroll through cyberspace in search of a point, any point, worth making. And then, when it didn't find that point, well, it tried to make some other, not exactly related, points, and perhaps get away with it. It's top-heavy with ideas, but can't seem to choose which to develop, and which to delete. It wants to place itself firmly in the producing corner of cyberspace, yet is so busy consuming that it can't seem to get around to the first part of the prosumer portmanteau.

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