Another case of the advantages of digital.

There's always another work-related article that has to be read, a study that has to be reviewed, an example of a project that has to be evaluated. There's never any end to these, and even though my forever bulging book-bag (and later, simply one plastic bag after another) seemed, like the front pocket of my shirt, to be capable of storing more and more paper, there really does seem to be a limit. Thus my most trusted means of dealing with these papers - stuffing them into the bag and hoping to get around to them at some later time - eventually stops working.

And of course it doesn't work that way with files sent to me via e-mail, or that I receive via some other source. Even when I don't file these away in a "proper" place, there's no telltale bulge. Yes, I do file things in seemingly logical places, but leaving them in my mail isn't particularly improper (who's going to see?). And with two gigabites of storage in my gmail account, I find I can save things there without any qualms of creating a mess.

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