It wouldn't hurt to simply throw them away.

Tzippi had an ongoing mantra during our packing-up stage. She continually urged me to go through things "now" so that I wouldn't have to be busy with the task of going through them when we moved back home. Even without retrospection I'm willing to admit that this was logical advice (dare I go as far as to say "better judgment"?) but I'm far from sure that it was actually possible. Of course there never really is enough free time for going through the piles of papers (yes, there are other items, but paper is the major thing) I accumulate. It's a task that in order to be done properly probably has to wait until we're on pension, though by then it's probably such a gargantuan task that it's simply impossible.

But in case any readers might think that one good excuse like that is enough to keep me from listening to Tzippi, I've got another one as well. Quite simply, I've internalized the basics of digitality to such an extent that I get confused between the outside, real world, and the world inside my hard drive. I know that I don't really have to clean up my hard drive, so why should I have to perform that same task on my desk?

And yet, there's no question about it. Had I thrown things away, it's most probable that they'd none of 'em be missed.

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