Now if only we can find where we left the list...

We had very little time in which to pack, and an awful lot of packing to be done (and we'd been led to believe that we wouldn't be out of the house for as long as we were, so we didn't imagine that we'd have to take clothes for two seasons and the like). Under the circumstances, I'd say we did a very good job of packing up. About sixty boxes were packed and sealed, and numbered. And we also kept a list with the contents of each numbered box so that when we'd get around to the job of unpacking we'd know which boxes were truly important, and which could wait.

And as is to be expected, the list had a way of disappearing on us, of getting displaced. Of course we also found it - in between misplacing it. Though it definitely came in handy, not finding it wouldn't have been the greatest loss. On the other hand, being able to review the list, knowing that we were looking for a particular box (we needed one or two of them a couple of times during our stay away from home) was also a way of establishing a sense of control, a means of making the uncharted territory of exile a bit more like a familiar neighborhood.

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