Surfing for information?

Our internet lives have become highly regimented. If we want information, we search for it, meaning that we either turn to Google, enter a search term, and hope that among the first items that show up is what we want/need, or we perhaps turn to an index and find there a site that deals with the topic that interests us and click over to it. Probably only a diminishing few of us click from link to link, meandering toward and around information we didn't even know we wanted to discover, perhaps saying to ourselves "hey, that's interesting, I'd like to know more about that". Though for me this is still a means for me to explore an interesting subject and examine my own thinking on it, most people probably regard associative surfing as simply a waste of time, an outdated type of online activity. Back when people used to surf the web computer games were considered a waste of time. Today people might ask why not play a game instead.

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