The world's most spammed person?

Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) is reported to have recently noted that Bill Gates receives about four million e-mail messages a day, most of them spam. Apparently even to Ballmer this figure seems beyond belief, and in a later interview he changed the number to four million a year. But that's hardly the point. The point might be (in this particular column, at least) that perhaps Bill Gates shouldn't leave his computer on all the time, but should only use it when he absolutely must. Of course, as one commentator notes, it's hard to believe that Gates would use the classic for receiving or sending mail of any significance. He doesn't really need mail filters to filter out what doesn't have to get to his inbox. He has secretaries who do just this for him. Come to think of it, if he wants to see some regular, down-to-earth, what-the-other-people-get spam, he should get himself a regular (though aliased) e-mail address so that he can actually receive some enjoyable spam.

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