First day of first semester18.10.2015
Chanukah holiday13.12.2015
Last day of the first semester17.01.2016
Open Day05.02.2016
First day of the second semester25.02.2016
Purim holiday24.03.2016
Thursday course schedule on Sunday17.04.2016
Wednesday course schedule on Monday18.04.2016
Thursday course schedule and last day of studies before Passover holiday19.04.2016
First day of studies after Passover holiday01.05.2016
Remembrance Day holiday11.05.2016
Independence Day holiday12.05.2016
Students Day (no studies after 12:00)26.05.2016
Last day of second semester10.06.2016
Shavuot holiday12.06.2016
First day of the summer semester03.07.2016
Tisha B'Av holiday14.08.2016
Last day of the summer semester19.08.2016
The University's one-week collective vacation21-26.08.2016
First day of the 2016-2017 Academic Year30.10.2016
Remembrance Day Ceremonies
On the following dates there will be a break in studies from 12:00 noon to 1 pm.:
Public meeting in memory of Yitzhak Rabin25.10.2015
Holocaust Day ceremony05.05.2016
Ceremony for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism10.05.2016

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