Guidelines for New Post-Docs

Visa Extensions or Status Changes

If you need to extend your visa or change your status, contact the Office of Inter-Academic Affairs one month before the expiration date of your visa to set up an appointment at the Ministry of Interior.For further information please contact Hava at the Office of Inter-Academic Affairs: 6405119.


Bank account

Post-Doctoral fellow, who receive scholarship from TAU, must open a local account for the direct deposit of the scholarship. Bank accounts can be opened at all banks using details from your passport. The following banks are located in the vicinity of the university:

  • Bank Discount, at Entin Square (Gate 7), the main entrance to the campus, tel. 6464222.
  • Bank Hapoalim, opposite the student dormitories, Bart St., tel. 65532407.

After opening a bank account please contact the secretary at your faculty who is in charge of scholarships and inform her of your account no.


We recommend that you arrive in Israel with prearranged health insurance from your home country. If not, you can arrange it by any local company. The following agencies are located on campus:

  • Bela Lavon—Klal Bituah agency, located on campus in the Academy of Music building, tel. 6408850.
  • Harel agency, tel. 6419318, 6416526.
  • Amos Gilboa—Yedidim agency, tel. 052-3250975.


Computer Access

In order to receive an e-mail address from the university you can either refer to the computer liaison in your department or to research students section at: 6408161.


Student ID Cards

In order to obtain a student ID card, you will have to fill a request form at research students section and attach to it one photo.
When the card will be ready it will be sent to your department or to the address you mentioned on the request form.
The student ID card will enable you to
  • Loan books from the library
  • Enter your building
  • Have a discount at the university store and also at other organizations out of the campus.


Elite Sports Center on Campus

Sports facilities includ three swimming pools (two heated), gym, aerobics classes, group sports, etc. are located on campus.
You can apply for membership card or for multi-visit passes at a discounted price. For further information please call 6408909 .

Entering / Parking on Campus

Post-Doctoral fellows are entitled to receive blue sticker for entering / parking on campus. In order to receive a sticker for your car please:

Contact research students section and make sure your scholarship was approved on the computer system.

Bring a copy of your car license to the Security Unit and apply for the sticker. (Security unit tl.: 6408484)