The Federal Commission For Scholarships For Foreign Students (http://www.sbf.admin.ch) offers two scholarships to Israeli postgraduate students every year. In addition, some scholarships are offered for fine arts and music to the best candidates, irrespective of nationality. This offer is limited to countries which offer reciprocal student programmes.





The candidates must have a good performance capacity and a clear study goal. With the application they must hand in comprehensive and precise details about the theme and the orientation of the planned work. It should not involve on-the-job studies, part-time studies or correspondence courses.


In making their applications, the students should take into account the possibilities offered by Swiss universities. Information on the courses given at Swiss universities (see page 7) as well as schools for fine arts or music can be obtained on Internet. In their choice of study, candidates should keep in mind employment possibilities in their own country.


Before applying, candidates should find out whether the planned study programme or research project can be carried out in the university concerned by contacting a professor or those responsible for the postgraduate course. On making contact, the candidate will have to submit copies of the diploma with grades, a detailed study plan and curriculum vitae. Should this contact not be made, the respective institution in the host country or the Swiss embassy can reject the candidature.

In order to clarify admission, the universities can request additional information or set certain conditions.


Candidates who submit their applications within the frame of a cooperation program between the academic institution (institute, laboratory, etc.) of their country of origin and in Switzerland have a certain priority.

On the other hand, the Swiss embassy or the relevant institution of the host country can reject candidates who are already in Switzerland or a third country. The CFS does not give them priority status even though the responsible authorities support them.

Candidates must be under 35 years of age when applying (1.1.1971 and younger).


Proficiency in German, French or Italian is required for studies at a Swiss university or art institution. In some cases the candidate’s knowledge of English will also be tested.


The Swiss Embassy sets a preliminary language examination. If satisfactory language ability cannot be demonstrated, the candidature is basically turned down. If there is doubt whether the candidate can follow lectures in French or German without problem, the scholarship is granted only on the condition that the candidate take a preparatory language course in Fribourg from the middle of July to the middle of October. They will receive a scholarship for this course and are exempt from all course fees. Students who have the “Diplôme de langue” of the Alliance Française or the “DELF 2” or the "Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung" (ZMP) of the Goethe Institute or an equivalent diploma are exempt from attending the language course. A special regulation applies for eventual Italian courses.



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