Grant Program

Number of grants and length of Visit


Application Deadline

Value of Grant


Senior Scholar Fellowships

Five  grants for four months

August 1,  2016

$4,500 p/m single supplement;$5,000 p/m one dependent;$5,500 p/m two dependents;$6,000 p/m three or more dependents

Host institution must contribute at least $500/month to the Foundation

Senior Specialists Fellowships

Ten grants for 2- 6 weeks


Rolling applications

Program provides economy international airfare ($200/day honorarium; host institution/s cover in-Israel costs


Open to specialists in the social sciences, business, environmental science, information technology, law (see footnote to this table for a fully detailed list of eligible fields)  

Post-Graduate Student Fellowships

Six grants for full academic year

October, 2016

(Specific date not available. Refer to Foundation website).

$14,900 single supplement;$20,750 for one dependent;$23,100 for two dependents;$25,450 for three dependents

Open to holders of Bachelor’s degree up through PhD candidates; application through home campus, exact dates vary

Fulbright Post-doctoral Fellowships

Eight grants for two academic  years

August 1, 2016

$20,000 per academic year and host institution fellowship

For post-doctoral fellows in all fields, about to begin a period of research activity at an  Israeli  institution


* - Professionals in the following fields are eligible to take part in the Senior Specialists program: agriculture, American studies, anthropology;  applied linguistics/TEFL; archaeology; business administration; communications & journalism; economics; education; environmental science; information technology; law; library science; peace and conflict resolution; political science; public administration; public/global health; sociology; social work; and  urban planning.


CIES - Council for the International Exchange of Scholars: State Department contractor for senior scholars and professionals programs

IIE – Institute for International Education: State Department contractor for student programs


Visit USIEF’s website www.fulbright.org.il for further information