Yaron Yehezkel

Coller School of Management
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 69978
Email: yehezkel@post.tau.ac.il


Research interests: Industrial Organization, Platform Competition, Vertical Relations, Contract Theory

Curriculum Vitae 




"The role of coordination bias in platform competition." (joint with Hanna Halaburda) Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 2016, Vol. 25, pp.274 - 312 


"Motivating a supplier to test product quality." Journal of Industrial Economics, 2014, Vol.  62, pp. 309 - 345 (click here for a Supplementary Note on the paper)


"Platform competition under asymmetric information." (joint with Hanna Halaburda) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2013, Vol. 5, pp. 22–68


"Oligopoly limit-pricing in the lab." (joint with Wieland Muller and Yossi Spiegel) Games and Economic Behavior, 2009, Vol. 66, pp. 373–393


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"Price and non-price restraints when retailers are vertically differentiated." (joint with Yossi Spiegel) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2003, Vol. 21, pp. 923-947 (click here for a Supplementary Note on the paper)


Recent working papers:

 "Vertical collusion" (joint with David Gilo) (click here for an Appendix on Differentiated Retailers)


"Dynamic Competition with Network Externalities: Why History Matters." (joint with Hanna Halaburda and Bruno Jullien).


"On the robustness of the full-information separating equilibrium in multi-sender signaling games."