Yaron Yehezkel


Coller  School of Management 
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 69978
Email: yehezkel@post.tau.ac.il

Research interests: Industrial Organization, Platform Competition, Vertical Relations, Game Theory

Curriculum Vitae 


·         "The role of coordination bias in platform competition." (joint with Hanna Halaburda) Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (forthcoming).

·         "Motivating a supplier to test product quality." Journal of Industrial Economics, 2014, Vol.  62, pp. 309 - 345 (click here for a Supplementary Note on the paper)

·         "Platform competition under asymmetric information." (joint with Hanna Halaburda) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2013, Vol. 5, pp. 22–68

·         "Oligopoly limit-pricing in the lab." (joint with Wieland Muller and Yossi Spiegel) Games and Economic Behavior, 2009, Vol. 66, pp. 373–393

·         "Signaling quality in oligopoly when some consumers are informed." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2008, Vol. 17, pp. 937 – 972.

·         "Retailer’s choice of product variety and exclusive dealing under asymmetric information."  The RAND Journal of Economics, 2008. Vol. 39, pp. 115 – 143.

·         "Price and non-price restraints when retailers are vertically differentiated." (joint with Yossi Spiegel) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2003, Vol. 21, pp. 923-947 (click here for a Supplementary Note on the paper)

Recent working papers:

·          "Dynamic vertical collusion with secret contracts." (joint with David Gilo)

·         "Dynamic Competition with Network Externalities: Why History Matters." (joint with Hanna Halaburda and Bruno Jullien).

·         "On the robustness of the full-information separating equilibrium in multi-sender signaling games."