Sivan Toledo: Graduate Students

Current PhD Students:
  • Aviad Zuc
  • Alex Druinsky
Current MSc Students:
  • Ido Kasher
  • Inon Peled
Graduated PhD Students:
  • Doron Chen, October 2005
  • Dror Irony, October 2005
  • Gil Shklarski, September 2008
  • Haim Avron, July 2010
Graduated MSc Students:
  • Dror Irony
    A 3D Communication-Efficient Dense Linear Solver, August 2000
  • Doron Chen
    Analysis, Implementation, and Evaluation of Vaidya's Preconditioners, February 2001
  • Yaron Shoham
    Parallel Randomized Best-First Search, March 2001
  • Igor Brainman
    Fill-Minimization in Nonsymmetric Sparse LU Factorizations, July 2001
  • Eyal Baruch
    Communication-Efficient Dense Linear Algebra in Cilk, January 2002
  • Vladimir Rotkin
    Out-of-Core Sparse Matrix Factorizations, January 2003
  • Gil Shklarski
    High-performance Kernels, January 2003
  • Elad Rozin
    Locality of reference in sparse Cholesky factorization methods, February 2004
  • Omer Meshar
    An out-of-core sparse symmetric indefinite factorization method, May 2004
  • Eran Gal
    A transactional flash file system, December 2004
  • Haim Avron
    Parallel unsymmetric-pattern multifrontal sparse LU with column preordering, May 2005
  • Eran Bida
    An automatically-tuned sorting library, October 2005
  • Michal Spivak
    Storing a transactional object heap on flash memory, December 2005
  • Avi Ben-Aroya
    Competitive Analysis of Flash-Memory Algorithms, April 2006
  • Eitan Ben-Amos
    Cilk for CC-NUMA Machines, September 2006
  • Alex Vyssokii
    Enabling cycles in file systems, November 2006
  • Husam Saadi
    A Survey of Transactional Memory, January 2007
    (Joint supervision by Ori Shalev)
  • Nir Shasha
    Incremental Garbage Collection for an Object Heap on Flash Memory, and a Memory Model for Flash, February 2007
  • Anatoli (Tuli) Uchitel
    A Supernodal Out-of-Core Sparse Gaussian-Elimination Method, June 2007
  • Alex Druinsky
    Factoring Matrices with a Tree-Structured Sparsity Pattern, June 2007
  • Uri Unger
    Graph Algorithms for Preconditioning, July 2007
  • Itay Malinger
    The performance characteristics of logical-block-address flash devices. July 2007
  • Aviad Zuck
    A NAND flash file system for microcontrollers, October 2008
  • (A few that I did not update)
  • Evgeny Budilovsky
    Kernel Based Mechanisms for High Performance I/O, June 2013
  • (A few that I did not update)
  • Tal Halpern
    Fast and Robust Algorithms for Large Scale Streaming PCA, July 2017

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