Postdoc at Weizmann Institute of Science.

Advisors: Shahar Dobzinski, Uri Feige, Robi Krauthgamer

PhD Advisor: Yishay Mansour


aShai Vardi

Online Publications

  1. [New Techniques and Tighter Bounds for Local Computation Algorithms]
    with Omer Reingold

    under submission

  2. [Constant-Time Local Computation Algorithms]
    with Yishay Mansour and Boaz Patt-Shamir

    WAOA 2015

  3. [Dynamic Fair Division with Minimal Disruptions]
    with Eric Friedman and Christos-Alexandros Psomas

    EC 2015

  4. [The Returning Secretary]
    STACS 2015

  5. [Local Computation Mechanism Design]
    with Avinatan Hassidim and Yishay Mansour

    Transactions on Economics and Computation; a preliminary version appeared in EC 2014

  6. [A Local Computation Approximation Scheme to Maximum Matching]
    with Yishay Mansour

    APPROX 2013

  7. [Converting Online Algorithms to Local Computation Algorithms]
    with Yishay Mansour, Aviad Rubinstein and Ning Xie
    ICALP 2012

  8. [Space-Efficient Local Computation algorithms]
    with Noga Alon, Ronitt Rubinfeld and Ning Xie
    SODA 2012

  9. [Local Computation Algorithms]
    MSc Thesis. (Advisor - Ronitt Rubinfeld.)

  10. [Fast Local Computation Algorithms]
    with Ronitt Rubinfeld, Gil Tamir and Ning Xie

    ICS 2011



Selected Talks

  1. [Local Computation Mechanism Design]
  2. [The Returning Secretary]


Algorithms TA - 2011-2015: 

Algorithmic Game Theory TA - 2013-2014: 




Dreaming Elephants

Dreaming Elephants

Jazz 'n Roll

Jazz 'n Roll
Next live performance: June 5, 2015. Jazz 'n Roll in Tel Aviv.
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  1. Victor and Hector: a one minute play