A Sensitive and Sensible Approach to Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems
Avi Sadeh
Yale University Press, 2001

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New York Times Review:
"In this reassuring book, Dr. Avi Sadeh... describes the sleep problems of infants, dispels myths about their cause, offers interesting facts and outlines treatment possibilities." (John Langone)

Parenthood.Com Review:
"...Dr. Sadeh knows more about infant sleep problems than almost anyone else. And he's ready to explain it all to you... Sleeping Like a Baby is not a book of magazine-style "quick tips" for parents... It's a thorough book, going through just about every topic that relates to sleep..." (T. Campbell)


"Why doesn't my baby sleep better?" weary parents ask. "How can we get more sleep?" There are as many answers to these questions as there are babies and families, says Dr. Avi Sadeh in this helpful and reassuring (some may say indispensable) book. Based on his years of research with sleep-disturbed babies and their sleep-deprived parents, Dr. Sadeh suggests a wide variety of practical solutions to babies' and young children's sleep problems.

Other experts may recommend one strict approach to changing a baby's sleep habits, but a single remedy fails to take into account a baby's uniqueness and the dynamics of his or her family, Dr. Sadeh contends. He helps parents first to understand the natural sleep patterns of babies, and then to consider their own family's situation and needs. In an accessible style designed to ease anxious parents' worries, Dr. Sadeh describes the various sleep problems of early childhood, outlines treatment possibilities, and details the pros and cons of each of these choices.

This book will appeal not only to sleepless parents seeking relief but also to those who are curious about the most recent findings in children's sleep research. Dr. Sadeh addresses a full range of questions: What is the importance of sleep to a baby? How do babies in different cultures sleep? How is sleep related to development? What causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? How do babies calm themselves? What are the advantages and disadvantages of communal sleeping? With up-to-date answers to these questions and more, Dr. Sadeh offers parents and professionals all the information they need to help babies--and their families--sleep better.

Avi Sadeh is senior lecturer, director of the Laboratory for Children's Sleep and Arousal Disorders, and chairman of the Clinical Child Psychology Graduate Program at Tel Aviv University.


"This appealing book answers an enormous number of questions about infants' and children's sleep. Dr. Sadeh takes into account different family dynamics and proposes a variety of options for parents in quest of a better night's sleep."- Professor Evelyn B. Thoman, University of Connecticut

"When a baby doesn't sleep it means that parents don't sleep either. If parents don't sleep they don't function well and become ineffective caretakers of their child. In this easy-to-read book, Avi Sadeh gives insights and helpful hints that cure the parent's problem by curing the baby's sleep problem. It's a 'must read' for sleepy parents." -Stan Coren, author of Sleep Thieves: An Eye-Opening Exploration into the Science and Mysteries of Sleep

"This tranquil, engaging book offers accurate information about sleep of infants and young children and includes many insightful vignettes from the perspective of an effective and understanding clinician. Knowledge and compassion combine to empower parents to help their children sleep. I highly recommend this book for current and expecting parents."-Mary A. Carskadon, professor, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown Medical School

"A must read for all parents, grandparents, and newborn infants. Avi Sadeh has captured the challenges and pleasures of getting babies to sleep at night. All members of the family will benefit from Dr. Sadeh's well-presented facts and clearly written descriptions."-Thomas F. Anders, M.D., professor of psychiatry, UC Davis School of Medicine

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Table of Contents

Part I
Sleep and Development
1. "Why do we sleep?"
The Significance and Role of Sleep

2. "What's so interesting about a sleeping baby?"
What Sleep Is and How We Can Peek into a Child's "Night Life"

3. "She sleeps when she feels like it, two hours here, two hours there"
The Formation of Sleep Patterns

4. "Why did my child laugh in his dream?"
The Significance and Roles of Dream-Sleep

5. "A child who doesn't sleep doesn't grow"
Sleep and Physical Growth

6. "He's hyperactive, and at night he has trouble falling asleep"
Sleep, Personality, and Behavior of the Baby

7. "She refuses to go to sleep ever since she awoke from a scary nightmare"
Infant Sleep in Stressful Situations

8. "It's hard for me to abandon him alone in bed"
The Meaning of Sleep for Children and Parents

9. "She won't sleep without her ratty 'blankie'"
Soothing Techniques and Accessories

10. "He'll sleep only in our bed"
Communal Sleeping, Separate Sleeping, and Cultural Outlooks

11. "At night she can scream for hours and her father doesn't hear a thing"
The Father's Role

Part II
Sleep Disorders

12. "He falls asleep only in the car, and in the middle of the night that's absurd"
Difficulties Putting the Baby to Sleep

13. "She awakens every hour on the hour"
Nocturnal Wake-Up Calls

14. "He wakes up terribly frightened and doesn't calm down"
Nightmares, Night Terrors, and Other Sleep-Time Phenomena

15. "She doesn't eat enough, she's teething"
Physiological Factors That Influence Sleep

16. "He suddenly stops breathing and it takes my breath away!"
Sleep Apnea and Breathing Disorders

17. "While she slept we took turns standing guard to make sure she was breathing"
Crib Death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

18. "Be patient! He'll grow out of it"
The Stubborn Nature of Sleep Disturbances

19. "To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question!"
Difficulty Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep

20. "My child is possessed"
Family and Personal Dynamics of the Parents

21. "Does it really help?"
Research on the Efficacy of Treatment and Its Ramifications

22. "It's hard to believe that this is the same child"
Changes in the Wake of Treating Sleep Problems

23. "How can I make sure my new baby won't develop sleep problems?"
Principles of Preventive Treatment

24. "Sometimes even a good parent feels like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!"
Parting Words of Encouragement to Parents

25. "Good morning, sun's up, new day!"
The End of the Night Train

Appendix 1. Methods of Measurement and the Study of Sleep

Appendix 2. A Sampling of Popular Books on Sleep and Nighttime Fears for Very Young Children

Appendix 3. Selected Scientific Publications About Infants' Sleep and Related Topics


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