Roye Rozov

PhD. Student in Bioinformatics
School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
Advised by Prof. Ron Shamir and Prof. Eran Halperin
Member, Algorithms in Computational Genomics and Cozygene research groups

Research Interests
    The focus of my research is reducing complexity of deep sequencing data analysis. I am especially interested in:
  • Probablisitic data structures and streaming algorithms
  • Index structures for de novo assembly, read alignment, and sequence compression
  • Quantification of expression levels through RNA-Seq, and metagenome abundance levels
    Fast lossless compression via cascading Bloom filters
    Rozov R, Shamir R. Halperin E. To appear in BMC Bioinformatics (RECOMB-Seq 2014 Edition)

    MGMR: leveraging RNA-Seq population data to optimize expression estimation
    Rozov R, Halperin E, Shamir R. BMC Bioinformatics 2012, 13(Suppl 6):S2 (RECOMB-Seq 2012 Edition)

    Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem-cell-derived models of LEOPARD syndrome
    Carvajal-Vergara X, Sevilla A, D'Souza SL, Ang YS, Schaniel C, Lee DF, Yang L, Kaplan AD, Adler ED, Rozov R, Ge Y, Cohen N, Edelmann LJ, Chang B, Waghray A, Su J, Pardo S, Lichtenbelt KD, Tartaglia M, Gelb BD, Lemischka IR. Nature. 2010 Jun 10

    Systems-level dynamic analyses of fate change in murine embryonic stem cells
    Lu R, Markowetz F, Unwin RD, Leek JT, Airoldi EM, MacArthur BD, Lachmann A, Rozov R, Ma'ayan A, Boyer LA, Troyanskaya OG, Whetton AD, Lemischka IR. Nature. 2009 Nov 19

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Email: rozovr[at]tau[dot]ac[dot]il
Phone: 972-3-640-5394
School of Computer Science
Schreiber Building, Room 011
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978, Israel