Chemical Physics Laboratory

Course Description

  1. Require you to prepare procedures for carrying out experiments including safe laboratory practices.
  2. Expose you to data measurement and evaluation describing fundamental concepts of physical chemistry.
  3. Expose you to some modern experimental equipment and techniques.
  4. Require that you develop the ability to use standard mathematical analyses to correctly describe the numerical significance of experimental results.
  5. Require that you learn to successfully work in groups.
  6. Require that you can successfully present the results of your work.

Course Structure

We will perform 12 experiments in Physical Chemistry divided in two groups. The first group including 6 experiments will be performed in the first semester. The second group which also consist of 6 experiments will be performed in the second semester. Each experiments must be done in two weeks (two laboratory days).

Grading policy

    The final mark will be determined from a weighted average of:

  • 70% - average grade of all the individual experiments
  • 10% - mark of the mid-exam
  • 20% - mark of the final exams

Factors in determining the grade for each individual lab will include:

  • Preparation – 20% (report – 5%; quiz – 15%)
  • Results of the work in the first day – 20%
  • Results of the work in the second day – 30%
  • Final presentation – 30%
The final presentation will be due two weeks from the completion of the experiment. All data collected should be presented in a computer presentation.

If somebody does not participate in the experimental work due to illness or "miluim" (There are only these two legal reason for missing) he/she must to complete this work in other time or pass trough additional exam in order to receive the mark for the missed experiment.

In any case the total number of missed experiments cannot be more than ¼ of total number of experiments (12).