Vacuum Techniques

In this experiment you will learn about vacuum technology and how to use it for measurements

Questions for quiz

  1. Calculate the conductivity of a tube for air at room temperature if the mean pressure is of 10 Torr, diameter of the tube is of 0.2 cm, and the length is 10 cm. What is the conductivity of the same tube at pressure of 1x10-3Torr ?
  2. What vacuum gauge is suitable for measurement the pressure 100 Torr (choose all)?
  3. A rotor of the rotary pump performs 5000 revolutions per minute. Given that the volume between the vanes is 20 ml what will be the pumping speed of that pump (in units of m3/hr)? What will be the pumping speed of the system constructed from this pump and the tube described in problem 1?
  4. What force must be applied in order to open window of the vacuum system shown in the next figure in green? Pressure in the vacuum system is 300 Torr.