: Courses
Space, Place and Environment: an introduction to the human environment
Cognitive Geography
Implicate Relations: a social geography of Israel
Planning theory
Environmental Systems
Environmental Cognition

Ph.D Students:

Izhak Omer. Ethnic residential segregation as a structuration process. 1995
Itay Mairaz. Society, image and culture in the mapping of Eretz Israel. 1997.
Yusuf Hasan. The social geography of the Druze in Israel. 1998.
Orna Zafrir-Reuven. The morphology of the Israeli townscape. 1999.
Nurit Alfasi. City planning between rhetoric and practice. 2000.
Rivka Fabrikant. Time geography and the geography of time. 2000.
Amir Porat, Wayfinding in open and closed urban space. 2004.
Hani Munk-Vitelson, Spatial behavior of pre-walking infants. 2005.
Talia Margalit, High rise buildings in Tel Aviv-Yaffo 1953-2001
Nataly Masika, Spatial analysis of urban sites of the Iron Age II.

Gilad Schwide, Environmental esthetics.
Genadi Birfir, Privatization of public transport and its impact on the level of service.
Karin Talmor, Planning in the digital age.
Osnat Yaski, Cognitive-environmental information in Humans and Animals
Roni Sela, Cognitive capabilities of planning and prospective remembering