Nili Harnik's homepage:


Dr. Nili Harnik

Senior Lecturer

Deprtment of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, 69978, Israel links:

Tel: +972-3-640-6359 news

Fax: +972-3-640-9282 AMS journals e-journals

Geophysics Department Seminar

Research interests:

  • Shear instability, the mechanistics of perturbation growth on plane parallel shear flow
  • Wave-mean flow interactions in midlatitudes, storm track dynamics, eddy life cycles. Possible dynamical regimes in midlatitude circulation.
  • Stratospheric dynamics: Planetary wave structure and variability. The effects of downward reflection on wave structure.
  • TMME- Tropical Modulation of Midlatitude Eddies - the effect of  ENSO on midlatitude circulation.
  • Mid latitude eddy life cycle dynamics. The effects of  basic state wave geometry on the life cycles (LC1 vs LC2), and possible consequences for larger scale circulation-  storm track structure and variability, the response of midlatitudes to El Nino.


I am also an adjunct researcher at the Climate Modeling group at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University





        Dynamic Meteorology (Fall 2013-14)

        Experiments in Atmospheric Sciences

        3rd year lab course: - מעבדה שנה ג' (fall 2010-11)

        Theory of the General circulation of the atmosphere (spring)

        Middle Atmosphere dynamics (spring)

        Statistical observations of the atmosphere (fall 2008-9)

        Statistical observations of midlatitude storms- seminar (fall 2007-8)

        Intro to atmospheric dynamics (fall 2010-11)