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Antonio G. Ache,  Jeff A. Viaclovsky-- Vol22-4 (2012), 832-877

Obstruction-flat asymptotically locally Euclidean metrics


Mohammed Abouzaid, Ivan Smith-- Vol22-4 (2012), 785-831

Exact Lagrangians in plumbings


Kazuo Akutagawa, Gilles Carron, Rafe Mazzeo-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1039-1079

The Yamabe problem on stratified spaces


Peter Albers, Urs Frauenfelder–- Vol 23-1 (2013), 482-499

A variational approach to Givental's nonlinear Maslov index


Semyon Alesker -- Vol20-5 (2010), 1073-1143

Valuations on manifolds and integral geometry


Semyon Alesker, Andreas Bernig, Franz E. Schuster-- Vol21-4 (2011), 751-773

Harmonic analysis of translation invariant valuations


Spyros Alexakis, Alexandru Ionescu, Sergiu Klainermann –- Vol20-4 (2010), 845-869

Hawking’s local rigidity theorem without analyticity


Noga Alon, Jean Bourgain–Vol24-3 (2014), 721-739

Additive Patterns in Multiplicative Subgroups


J.C. Alvarez Paiva, F. BalacheffVol24-2 (2014), 648-669

Contact geometry and isosystolic inequalities


Manuel Amann, Lee Kennard

Topological properties of positively curved manifolds with symmetry


Nalini Anantharaman --  Vol20-3 (2010), 593-656

Spectral deviations for the damped wave equation


Teresa Arias-Marco, Dorothee Schueth –- Vol22-1 (2012), 1-21

Local symmetry of harmonic spaces as determined by the spectra of small geodesic sphere


D.Arinkin, J.Block, T.Pantev–- Vol23-5 (2013), 1403-1482

*-Quantizations of Fourier-Mukai transforms


Marie-Claude Arnaud -- Vol20-6 (2010), 1307-1317

On a theorem due to Birkhoff


            Goulnara  Arzhantseva, Erik Guentner, Ján Špakula–- Vol22-1 (2012), 22-36

Coarse non-amenability and coarse embeddings


Jayadev Athreya, Jon ChaikaVol22-6 (2012), 1491-1516

The distribution of gaps for saddle connection directions


Pascal Autissier, Antoine Chambert-Loir, Carlo Gasbarri- Vol22-5 (2012), 1051-1061

On the canonical degrees of curves in varieties of general type


Artur Avila, Bassam Fayad, Raphaël Krikorian–- Vol21-5, 1001-1019

A  KAM scheme for SL(2,ZZ) cocycles with Liouvillean frequencies


Artur Avila, Carlos Matheus, Jean-Christophe YoccozVol23-6 (2013), 1705-1729

SL(2,R)-invariant probability measures on the moduli spaces of translation surfaces are regular


Jonas Azzam, Raanan Schul- Vol22-5 (2012), 1062-1123

Hard Sard: Quantitative implicit function and extension theorems for Lipschitz maps


Shinpei Baba – Vol22-2 (2012), 267-310

Complex projective structures with Schottky holonomy


Matt Bainbridge—Vol20-2 (2010), 299-356

Billiards in L-shaped tables with barriers


Florent Balacheff, Hugo Parlier, Stéphane Sabourau –- Vol22-1 (2012), 37-73

Short look decompositions of surfaces and the geometry of Jacobians


Mikhail Belolipetsky -- Vol23-3 (2013), 813-827

            On 2-systoles of hyperbolic 3-manifolds


Itai Benjamini, Nicolas Curien -- Vol23-2 (2013), 501-531

Simple random walk on the uniform infinite planar quadrangulation: Subdiffusivity via pioneer points


Vitaly Bergelson, Terence Tao–-Vol24-1 (2014), 1-48

Multiple recurrence in quasirandom groups


Gregory Berkolaiko,Peter Kuchment, Uzy SmilanskyVol22-6 (2012), 1517-1540

Critical partitions and nodal deficiency of billiard eigenfunctions


Robert J. Berman, Henri Guenancia

Kähler-Einstein metrics on stable varieties and log canonical pairs



Andreas Bernig, Joseph H.G. Fu, Gil SolanesVol24-2 (2014), 403-492

Integral geometry of complex space forms


Misha Bialy— Vol20-2 (2010), 357-367

Integrable geodesic flows on surfaces


Kingshook Biswas--Vol22-3(2012), 588-607

Flows, fixed points and rigidity of Kleinian flows

          Paul Biran, Octav Cornea

Lagrangian Cobordism and Fukaya Categories



Valentin Blomer---Vol22-3(2012), 608-620

Period integrals and Rankin-Selberg L-functions on GL(n)


Valentin Blomer, Gergely Harcos— Vol20-1 (2010), 1-52

Twisted L-functions over number fields and Hilbert’s eleventh problem


Corentin Boissy, Erwan Lanneau –- Vol22-1 (2012), 74-106

Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms on translation surfaces in hyperelliptic components have large entropy


Nicolás Matte Bon

Subshifts with slow complexity and simple groups with the Liouville property


Alexandre BoritchevVol23-6 (2013), 1730-1772

Sharp Estimates for Turbulence in White-Forced Generalised Burgers Equation


Boris Botvinnik–- Vol23-4 (2013), 1099-1144

            Concordance and isotopy of metrics with positive scalar curvature


Jean Bourgain–-Vol24-1 (2014), 49-62

An application of group expansion to the Anderson-Bernoulli model


Jean Bourgain, Larry Guth—Vol21-6 (2011), 1239-1295

Bounds on oscillatory integral operators based on multilinear estimates


Jean Bourgain, Alex Kontorovich -- Vol20-5 (2010), 1144-1174

On representations of integers in thin subgroups of SL2(Z)


Jean Bourgain, Alex Kontorovich, Peter Sarnak -- Vol20-5 (2010), 1175-1200

Sector estimates for hyperbolic isometries


Jean Bourgain, Dong Li

Strong illposedness of the incompressible Euler equation in integer Cm spaces


Jean Bourgain, Zeév  Rudnick-- Vol22-4 (2012), 878-937

Restriction of toral eigenfunctions to hypersurfaces and nodal sets



Jean Bourgain, Amir Yehudayoff –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 1-41

Expansion in SL2(R) and monotone expanders


Lorenzo Brasco, Aldo Pratelli –- Vol22-1 (2012), 107-135

Sharp stability of some spectral inequalities


Emmanuel Breuillard, Alex Gamburd -- Vol20-5 (2010), 1201-1209

Strong uniform expansion in SL(2,p)


Simon Brendle --Vol22-3(2012), 621-626

A sharp bound for the area of minimal surfaces in the unit ball


Emmanuel Breuillard, Ben Green, Terence Tao -- Vol21-4 (2011), 774-819

Approximate subgroups of linear groups


Martin Bridgeman, Richard D. Canary -- Vol20-6 (2010), 1317-1353

The Thurston metric on hyperbolic domains and boundaries of convex hulls


Martin Bridgeman, Jeremy Kahn -- Vol20-5 (2010), 1210-1231

Hyperbolic volume of n-manifolds with geodesic boundary and orthospectra


Jeffrey Brock, Howard Masur, Yair Minsky -- Vol21-4 (2011), 820-850

Asymptotics of Weil-Petersson geodesics II: bounded geometry and unbounded entropy


Tim D. Browning, Roger Heath-Brown- Vol22-5 (2012), 1124-1190

Quadratic polynomials represented by norm forms


Xavier Buff, Jean Ecalle, Adam Epstein –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 42-95

Limits of degenerate parabolic quadratic rational maps


Alexander I. Bufetov-- Vol22-4 (2012), 938-975

On the Vershik-Kerov conjecture concerning the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman theorem for the Plancherel family of measures of the space of Young diagrams


Lev Buhovsky, Yaron Ostrover—Vol21-6 (2011), 1296-1330

On the uniqueness of Hofer’s geometry


Dmitri Burago, Sergei Ivanov--Vol22-3 (2012), 627-638

Minimality of planes in normed spaces



Nicolas Burq, Colin Guillarmou, Andrew Hassell -- Vol20- 3 (2010), 627-656

Strichartz estimates without loss on manifolds with hyperbolic trapped geodesics


Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Michah Sageev -- Vol21-4 (2011), 851-891

Rank rigidity for CAT(o) cube complexes


Eric A. Carlen, Rupert L. Frank, Elliott H. Lieb–-Vol24-1 (2014), 63-84

Stability estimates for the lowest eigenvalue of a Schrödinger operator


Fabio Cavalletti –Vol24-2 (2014), 493-551

Decomposition of geodesics in the Wasserstein space and the globalization problem


Jon Chaika – Vol21-5 (2011), 1020-1042

Shrinking targets for IETS: Extending a theorem for Kurzweil


Gregory R. Chambers, Yevgeny Liokumovich-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1080-1100

Converting homotopies to isotopies and dividing homotopies in half in an effective way


Sourav Chatterjee, Ron Peled, Yuval Peres, Dan Romik -- Vol20- 4 (2010), 870-917

Phase transitions in gravitational allocation


Jeff Cheeger, Robert Haslhofer, Aaron Naber -- Vol23-3 (2013), 828-847

Quantitative stratification and the regularity of mean curvature flow


Jeff Cheeger, Bruce Kleiner –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 96-133

Realization of metric spaces as inverse limits, and
biLipschitz embedding in L_1


Chong-Qing Cheng, Lin Wang-- Vol23-3 (2013), 848-866

Destruction of Lagrangian torus for positive definite Hamiltonian systems


Ionut Chifan, Adrian Ioana—Vol20-1 (2010), 53-67

Ergodic subequivalence relations induced by Bernoulli action


Antoine Choffrut, Vladimír Šverák –- Vol22-1 (2012), 136 -201

Local structure of the set of steady-state solutions to the 2D incompressible Euler equations


Erik Christensen, Allan Sinclair, Roger R. Smith, Stuart White—Vol20-2 (2010), 368-397

Perturbations of C*-algebraic invariants


Javier  Cilleruelo, Moubariz Z. Garaev -- Vol21-4 (2011), 892-904

Concentration points on two and three dimensional modular hyperbolas and applications


Matt Clay, Alexandra Pettet -- Vol20-3 (2010), 657-689

Twisting out fully irreducible automorphisms


Raf Cluckers, Georges Comte, François Loeser—Vol20-1 (2010), 68-87

Lipschitz continuity for p-adic semi-algebric and subanalytic functions



Tobias Holck Colding, Aaron Naber –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 134-148

Characterization of tangent cones of noncollapsed limits with lower Ricci bounds and applications


David Conlon, Jacob Fox - Vol22-5 (2012), 1191-1256

Bounds for graph regularity and removal lemmas


David Conlon, Jacob Fox, Benny Sudakov –- Vol20-6 (2010), 1354-1367

An approximate version of Sidorenko’s conjecture


J. Brian Conrey, Henryk Iwaniec, Kannan Soundararajan- Vol22-5 (2012), 1257-1288

The sixth power moment of Dirichlet  L-function          


Peter  Constantin, Vlad Vicol- Vol22-5 (2012), 1289-1321

Nonlinear maximum principles for dissipative linear nonlocal operators and applications


Ernie Croot, Olof Sisask–- Vol20-6 (2010), 1367-1396

A probabilistic technique for finding almost-periods of convolutions


Michael DabkowskiVol21-1 (2011), 1-13

Eventual regularity of the solutions to the supercritical dissipative quasi-geostrophic equation


Francois Dahmani, Vincent GuirardelVol21-2 (2011), 223-300

The isomorphism problem for all hyperbolic groups


David Damanik, Anton Gorodetski -- Vol22-4 (2012), 976-989

The density of states measure of the weakly coupled Fibonacci Hamiltonian

Georgios Daskalopoulos, Chikako Mese, Alina Vdovina -- Vol21-4 (2011), 905-919

Superrigidity of hyperbolic buildings


Kiril Datchev –Vol24-3 (2014), 740-747

Quantitative limiting absorption principle in the semiclassical limit


Kiril Datchev, Semyon Dyatlov –- Vol23-4 (2013), 1145-1206

Fractal Weyl laws for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds


Guy C. David

Tangents and rectifiability of Ahlfors regular Lipschitz differentiability spaces


Camillo De Lellis, Emanuele Spadaro

Regularity of area minimizing currents I: gradient Lp estimates


Manuel Del Pino, Michal Kowalczyk, Juncheng Wei, Jun Yang -- Vol20- (2010), 918-957

Interface foliation near minimal submanifolds in Riemannian manifolds with positive Ricci curvature


Laura DeMarco, Kevin M. Pilgrim -- Vol21-4 (2011),  920-950

Polynomial basins of infinity


Jian Ding, James R. Lee, Yuval Peres–- Vol23-4 (2013), 1207-1229

Markov type and threshold embeddings


Vladimir L. Dol’nikov, Roman KarasevVol21-2 (2011), 301-318

Dvoretzky type theorems for multivariate polynomials and sections of convex bodies


Dmitry Dolgopyat, Bassam Fayad–-Vol24-1 (2014), 85-115

Deviations of ergodic sums for toral translations I. convex bodies


Spencer Dowdall, Moon Duchin, Howard MasurVol24-3 (2014), 748-795

Statistical hyperbolicity in Teichmüller space


Vladimir Drinfeld, Dennis Gaitsgory –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 149-294

On some finiteness questions for algebraic stacks


Romain Dujardin—Vol20-2 (2010), 398-415

Werner examples and currents


Thomas Duyckaerts, Carlos Kenig, Frank Merle--Vol22-3 (2012), 639-698

Profiles of bounded radial solutions of the focusing energy-critical wave equation


David  G. Ebin –- Vol22-1 (2012), 202-212

Geodesics on the symplectomorphism group


Manfred Einsiedler, Lior Fishman, Uri ShapiraVol21-1 (2011), 14-35

Diophantine approximations on Fractals


Tobias Ekholm, Yakov Eliashberg, Emmy Murphy, Ivan Smith —Vol23-6 (2013), 1772-1803

Constructing exact Lagrangian immersions with few double points


Ronen Eldan -- Vol23-2 (2013), 532-569

Thin shell implies spectral gap up to polylog via a stochastic localization scheme


Yakov Eliashberg, Emmy Murphy–- Vol23-5 (2013), 1483-1514

Lagrangian caps


Alexei Entin–- Vol22-5 (2012), 1322-1360

            On the Distribution of Zeroes of Artin-Schreier L-functions


Alexei Entin,  Edva Roditty-Gershon, Zeev Rudnick Vol23-4 (2013), 1230-1261

Low-lying zeros of quadratic Dirichlet L-functions, hyper-elliptic curves and Random Matrix Theory


Pavel Etingof, Travis Schedler

Invariants of Hamiltonian flow on locally complete intersections



Ohad N. Feldheim, Sasha Sodin—Vol20-1 (2010), 88-123

A universality result for the smallest eigenvalues of certain sample

covariance matrices


De-Jun Feng, Pablo Shmerkin-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1101-1128

Non-conformal repellers and the continuity of pressure for matrix cocycles


Alessio Figalli, Ludovic Rifford—Vol20-1 (2010), 124-159

Mass transportation of sub-Riemannian manifolds


Tom Farrell, Pedro OntanedaVol20-6 (2010), 1397-1430

Teichmüller spaces and bundles with negatively curved fibers


François Fillastre –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 295-333

            Fuchsian convex bodies: basics of BrunnMinkowski theory


Alastair Fletcher, Jeremy Kahn, Vladimir Markovic-- Vol23-3 (2013), 867-887

The moduli space of Riemann surfaces of large genus


Kevin Ford, Sergei V. Konyagin, Florian Luca—Vol20-5 (2010), 1231-1258

Prime chains and Pratt trees


Michael Freedman, Vyacheslav Krushkal

            Geometric complexity of embeddings in Rd


Kei Funano, Takashi Shioya -- Vol23-3 (2013), 888-936

Concentration, Ricci curvature, and eigenvalues of Laplacian


Tsachik Gelander, Arie Levit

Counting Commensurability Classes of Hyperbolic Manifolds


Jiansheng Geng, Jiangong You, Zhiyan Zhao–-Vol24-1 (2014), 116-158

Localization in One-dimensional Quasi-periodic Nonlinear



Victor Gerasimov–- Vol22-5 (2012), 1361-1399

Floyd maps for relatively hyperbolic groups


Amit Ghosh,  Andre Reznikov, Peter Sarnak–- Vol23-5 (2013), 1515-1568

Nodal domains and Maass forms I


Nassif Ghoussoub, Abbas Moameni -- Vol24-4 (2014), 1129-1166

Symmetric Monge-Kantorovich problems and polar decompositions of vector fields


Nicola Gigli-- Vol22-4 (2012), 990-999

Optimal maps in non branching spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from below


Eva Glasmachers, Gerhard Knieper—Vol20-5 (2010), 1259-1277

Characterization of geodesic flows on T2 with and without positive topological entropy


Raul Gomez, Chen-Bo Zhu –Vol24-3 (2014), 796-853

Local theta lifting of generalized Whittaker models associated to nilpotent orbits


Alexander Gorodnik, Amos Nevo–-Vol24-1 (2014), 159-244

Ergodic theory and the duality principle on homogeneous spaces


Alex Gorodnik, Hee Oh (appendix Mikhail Borovoi) – Vol21-2 (2011), 319-392

Rational points on homogeneous varieties and equidistribution of adelic periods


Antoine GournayVol22-2 (2012), 311-351

A Runge approximation theorem for pseudo-holomorphic maps


Timothy Gowers, Julia Wolf Vol21-1 (2011), 36-69

Linear forms and higher-degree uniformity for functions on Fnp


Ben Green, Adam J. Harper-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1167-1203

Inverse questions for the large sieve


Yoel Groman, Jake P. Solomon

A reverse isoperimetric inequality for J-holomorphic curves


Mikhail Gromov —Vol20-2 (2010), 416-526

Singularities, expanders and topology of maps. Part 2: From combinatorics to topology via algebraic isoperimetry


Karsten Grove, Luigi Verdiani, Wolfgang Ziller Vol21-3 (2011), 499-524

An exotic T1S4 with positive curvature


Juan-Ru Gu, Hong-Wei Xu–- Vol23-5 (2013), 1684-1703

Geometric, topological and differentiable rigidity of submanifolds in space forms


Olivier Guédon, Emanuel Milman–- Vol21-5 (2011), 1043-1068

Interpolating thin-shell and sharp large-deviation estimates for isotropic log-concave measures


Colin Guillarmou, Leo TzouVol21-2 (2011), 393-418

Identification of a connection from Cauchy data on a Riemann surface with boundary


Larry Guth —Vol23-6 (2013), 1804-1902

Contraction of areas vs. topology of mappings


Larry Guth, Hugo Parlier, Robert Young –- Vol21-5 (2011), 1069-1090

Pants decompositions of random surfaces


Piotr Hajlasz, Armin Schikorra, Jeremy T. Tyson–-Vol24-1 (2014), 245-268

Homotopy groups of spheres and Lipschitz homotopy groups of Heisenberg groups


Kyle Hambrook, Izabella Laba –- Vol23-4 (2013), 1262-1277

On the sharpness of Mockenhaupt's restriction theorem


Robert Haslhofer, Reto Müller–- Vol21-5 (2011), 1091-1116

A compactness theorem for complete Ricci shrinkers


Hamed Hatami, László Lovász, Balázs Szegedy–-Vol24-1 (2014), 269-296

Limits of locally-globally convergent graph sequences



Hamed Hatami, Shachar Lovett—Vol21-6 (2011), 1331-1357

Higher-order Fourier analysis of Fnp and the complexity of systems of linear form


Hamid Hezari, Steve Zelditch—Vol20-1 (2010), 160-191

Inverse spectral problem for analytic (Z/2Z)n-symmetric domains in Rn


Xiaojun Huang, Yuan YuanVol24-3 (2014), 854-886

Holomorphic isometry from a Kahler manifold into a product of complex projective manifolds


Daniel Hug, Rolf schneider

Local tensor valuations


Nobuhiro Innami, Katsuhiro Shiohama, Toshiro Soga–- Vol22-5 (2012), 1400-1406

The cut loci, conjugate loci and poles in a complete Riemannian manifold


Adrian Ioana--Vol22-3 (2012), 699-732

Uniqueness of the group measure space decomposition for Popa's HT factors


Sergey IvashkovichVol21-1 (2011), 70-140

Vanishing cycles in holomorphic foliations by curves and foliated shells


Dmitry Jakobson, Frédéric NaudVol22-2 (2012), 352-368

On the critical line of convex co-compact hyperbolic surfaces


Svetlana  Jhitomirskaya, Christoph A. Marx–- Vol22-5 (2012), 1407-1443

Analytic quasi-periodic  Schrödinger operators and rational frequency approximant


Dihua Jiang, Binyong Sun, Chen-Bo Zhu—Vol20-3, (2010), 690-709

Uniqueness of Bessel models: The Archimedean case


Dihua Jiang, Lei Zhang–Vol24-2 (2014), 552-609

A product of tensor product L-functions of quasi-split classical groups of Hermitian type


Andreas Juhl–- Vol23-4 (2013), 1278-1370

Explicit formulas for GJMS-operators and Q-curvatures


Michael Kapovich--Vol22-3 (2012), 733-755

RAAGS in Ham


Maria Karmanova—Vol21-6 (2011), 1358-1374

A new approach to investigation of Carnot-Carathéodory geometry


Anatole Katok, Svetlana Katok, Federico Rodriguez Hertz-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1204-1228

The Fried average entropy and slow entropy for actions of higher rank abelian groups


Dubi Kelmer, Amir Mohammadi--Vol22-3 (2012), 756-784

Logarithm laws for one-parameter unipotent flows


Jonathan A. Kelner, James R. Lee, Gregory N. Price, Shang-Hua TengVol21-5 (2011), 1117-1143

Metric uniformization and spectral bounds for graphs


Carlos E. Kenig, Andrew Lawrie, Wilhelm SchlagVol24-2 (2014), 610-647

Relaxation of wave maps exterior to a ball to harmonic maps for all data


Richard P. Kent IVYair N. Minsky

Thick-skinned 3-manifolds


Konstantin Khanin, Sasa Kocic

Renormalization conjecture and rigidity theory for circle diffeomorphisms with breaks


Boris Khesin–- Vol22-5 (2012), 1444-1459

Dynamics of symplectic fluids and point vortices


Boris Khesin, Jonatan Lenells, Gerard Misołek, Stephen Preston –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 334-366

Geometry of Diffeomorphism groups, complete integrability and geometric statistics



Bruno Klingler, Vincent Koziarz, Julien MaubonVol21-2 (2011), 419-442

On the second cohomology of Kähler groups


Thomas Koberda-Vol22-6 (2012), 1541-1590

Right-angled Artin groups and a generalized isomorphism problem for finitely generated subgroups of mapping class groups


Slawomir Kolasinski, Pawel Strzelecki, Heiko von der Mosel-- Vol23-3 (2013), 937-984

Characterizing  W^{2,p} submanifolds by p-integrability of global curvatures         


Alexander Kolpakov, Bruno MartelliVol23-6 (2013), 1903-1933

Hyperbolic four-manifolds with one cusp


Dimitris Koukoulopoulos–- Vol23-5 (2013), 1569-1630

On multiplicative functions which are small on average


Emmanuel Kowalski, Guillaume Ricotta -- Vol24-4 (2014), 1229-1297

Fourier coefficients of GL(N) automorphic forms in arithmetic progressions


Daniel Kral, Oleg Pikhurko-- Vol23-2 (2013), 570-579

Quasirandom permutations are characterized by 4-point densities


Sergei Kuksin –- Vol20-6  (2010), 1431-1463

Damped-driven KdV and effective equations for long-time behaviour of its solutions


Par Kurlberg, Henrik Ueberschaer

Quantum ergodicity for point scatterers on arithmetic tori


Tobias Lamm, Reiner M. Schtzle

Optimal rigidity estimates for nearly umbilical surfaces in arbitrary codimension


Janko Latschev, Chris Wendl (appendix by M. Hutchings) – Vol21-5 (2011), 1144-1195

Algebraic torsion in contact manifolds


Joseph Lauer—Vol23-6 (2013), 1934-1961

A new length estimate for curve shortening flow and low regularity initial data


Enrico Le Donne, Gian Paolo Leonardi, Roberto Monti, Davide Vittone–- Vol23-4 (2013), 1371-1401

Extremal curves in nilpotent Lie groups


François Ledrappier— Vol20-3 (2010), 710-725

Linear drift and entropy for regular covers


Min Lee, Hee Oh-- Vol23-2 (2013), 580-621

Effective circle count for Apollonian packings and closed horospheres


Bernhard Leeb, Carlos Ramos-Cuevas — Vol21-3 (2011), 525-559

The center conjecture for spherical buildings of types F4 and E6


Chang-Shou Lin,  Juncheng Wei, Chunyi Zhao -Vol22-6 (2012), 1591-1635

Sharp estimates for fully bubbling solutions of a SU(3) Toda system


Gang Liu

Compact Kähler manifolds with nonpositive bisectional curvature


Wolfgang Lueck-- Vol23-2 (2013), 622-663

Approximating L^2-invariants and homology growth


Alexander Lytchak-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1298-1315

Polar foliations on symmetric spaces


Mikhail Lyubich, Han Peters –Vol24-3 (2014), 887-915

Classification of invariant Fatou components for dissipative Henon maps


John M. Mackay  - Vol22-1 (2012), 213-239

Conformal dimension and random groups


John M. Mackay, Jeremy T. Tyson, Kevin Wildrick -- Vol23-3 (2013), 985-1034

Modulus and Poincaré inequalities on non-self-similar Sierpinski carpets


Joseph Maher—Vol20-2 (2010), 527-544

Asymptotics for pseudo-Anosov elements in Teichmüller lattices


Andrea Malchiodi, David Ruiz – Vol21-5 (2011), 1196-1217

New improved Moser-Trudinger inequalities and singular Liouville equations on compact surfaces


Gregory Margulis, Amir Mohammadi, Hee Oh

Closed geodesics and holonomies for Kleinian manifolds


Vladimir Markovic-- Vol23-3 (2013), 1035-1061

Criterion for Cannon's Conjecture


Jens Markof, Andreas Strömbergsson – Vol21-3 (2011), 560-647

The periodic Lorentz gas in the Boltzmann-Grad limit: Asymptotic estimates


Riad Masri, Tong Hai Yang– Vol21-3 (2011), 648-679

Nonvanishing of Hecke L-functions for CM fields and ranks of abelian varieties


Mark McLean – Vol22-2 (2012), 369-442

The growth rate of symplectic homology and affine varieties


Curtis T. McMullen— Vol20-3 (2010), 726-740

Winning sets, quasi-conformal maps and Diophantine approximation


Frank Merle, Pierre Raphaël, Jeremie Szeftel— Vol20-4 (2010), 1028-1071

Stable self-similar blow up dynamics for slightly L2 supercritical NLS equations


Djordje Milićević—Vol21-6 (2011), 1375-1418

Large values of eigenfunctions on arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds


Mahan Mj–-Vol24-1 (2014), 297-321

Ending laminations and Cannon-Thurston maps


Mahan Mj, Pranab Sardar -Vol22-6 (2012), 1636-1707

A combination theorem for metric bundles


Elchanan Mossel, Krysztof Oleszkiewicz, Arnab Sen-Vol23-3 (2013), 1062-1097

On reverse hypercontractivity


Hitoshi Moriyoshi, Paolo Piazza -Vol22-6 (2012), 1708-1813

Eta cocycles, relative pairings and the Godbillon-Vey index theorem


Tomasz S. Mrowka, Katrin Wehrheim— Vol20-5 (2010), 1278-1305

L2-topology and Lagrangians in the space of connections over a Riemann surface


Jörn Müller — Vol21-2 (2011), 443-482

A Hodge-type theorem for manifolds with fibered cusp metrics


Werner Müller, Alexander Strohmaier— Vol20-3 (2010), 741-778

Scattering of low energies on manifolds with cylindrical ends and stable systoles           

Alexander Nabutovsky—Vol20-2 (2010), 545-570

Effective universal covering and local minima of the length functional loop spaces


Alexander Nabutovsky, Regina Rotman –- Vol 23-1 (2013), 367-414

Length of geodesics and quantitative Morse theory on loop spaces


Nikolai Nadirashvili–Vol24-3 (2014), 916-921

Liouville theorem for Beltrami flow


Nikolai Nadirashvili, Serge VlăduţVol21-2 (2011), 483-498

Nonclassical solutions for fully nonlinear elliptic equations II: Hessian equations and octonions


Hossein Namazi, Pekka Pankka, Juan Souto –-Vol24-1 (2014), 322-359

Distributional limits of Riemannian manifolds and graphs with sublinear genus growth


Duc-Manh Nguyen—Vol20-1 (2010), 192-228

Triangulations and volume form on moduli spaces of flat surfaces


Duc-Manh Nguyen, Alex Wright-- Vol24-4 (2014), 1316-1335

Non-Veech surfaces in H^{hyp}(4) are generic


Lei Ni, Burkhard Wilking—Vol20-2 (2010), 571-591

Manifolds with ¼-pinched flag curvature


Eric Opdam, Maarten Solleveld-- Vol23-2 (2013), 664-714

Extensions of tempered representations


Narutaka OzawaMikael RordamYasuhiko Sato

Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal


Pekka Pankka—Vol20-1 (2010), 229-242

Mappings of bounded mean distortions and cohomology


Dmitri Panov – Vol21-5 (2011), 1218-1238

Complex surfaces with CAT(0) metrics


Dmitri Panov, Anton Petrunin-Vol22-6 (2012), 1814-1831

Telescopic actions


S.T. Parsell, S.M. Prendiville, T.D. Wooley —Vol23-6 (2013), 1962-2024

Near optimal mean-value estimates for multidimensional Weyl sums


Gabriel P. Paternain, Mikko Salo, Gunther Uhlmann - Vol22-5 (2012), 1460-1489

The attenuated ray transform for connections and Higgs fields


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Large scale geometry of nilpotent-by-cyclic groups


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An isoperimetric inequality for the Wiener sausage


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Weak closure of singular abelian Lp bundles in 3 dimensions


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Existence and regularity of maximal metrics for the first Laplace eigenvalue on surfaces


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Conformal dimension and canonical splittings of hyperbolic groups


Piotr Przytycki

Arcs intersecting at most once


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New holomorphically closed subalgebras of C*-algebras of hyperbolic        groups


Marco Radeschi

Clifford algebras and new singular Riemannian foliations in spheres


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Deformations of symplectic cohomology and exact Lagrangians in ALE spaces


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Spectral density and Sobolev inequalities for pure and mixed states


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Expansion in perfect groups


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A quantitative version of the nonabelian idempotent theorem


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Localization for involutions in Floer cohomology


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Symplectic  cohomology and q-intersection numbers


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A finitary version of Gromov’s polynomial growth theorem


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Commensurated subgroups of arithmetic groups, totally disconnected groups and adelic rigidity


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On the exceptional set for absolute continuity of Bernoulli convolutions


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Curvature of the space of positive Lagrangians


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Metric flips with Calabi ansatz


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Linearly bounded conjugator property for mapping class groups


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Random matrices: The distribution of the smallest singular values


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Hermitian Curvature and Plurisubharmonicity of Energy on Teichmüller Space


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Mass transport and uniform rectifiability


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Minimal dynamics and K-theoretical rigidity: Elliott's conjecture


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Quantum ergodic restriction theorems, II: manifolds without boundary


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Classification of the solutions to an overdetermined elliptic problem in the plane


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On the ergodicity of flat surfaces of finite area


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Unitary representations of oligomorphic groups


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The algebraicity of ill-distributed sets



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Lipschitz homotopy groups of the Heisenberg groups     


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Gauged Floer theory of toric moment fibers


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Schwarz triangle mappings and Teichmüller curves: the Veech-Ward-Bouw-Möller curves


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Burgess-like subconvex bounds for GL2  X  GL1