Dorit Aram, Ph.D

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Department of School Counseling and Special Education
Head of the Special Education Program
School of Education
Tel Aviv University

Home Address:Ben-Guryon 27 Or-Yehuda, Israel
Telephone:(H) 03-6341318 (W) 03-6407117 (Mob) 052-2847346

Research interests:

I am studying the nature of interaction mainly joint writing and storybook reading and their implications for early literacy and socio-emotional development in Hebrew and Arab communities.

Addressing needs in special populations, my work examines these interactions in parent-child dyads from low socioeconomic background and also in children with specific challenges including hearing loss, ADHD and precocious reading.

In line with these studies' results, I conduct early interventions aimed at improving preschool teachers' as well as parents' mediation and children's early literacy and socio-emotional development.