Part 6:  Excel Background

These chapters cover the Excel basics necessary for Principles of Finance with Excel

Chapter 24
Introduction to Excel

Getting started
Formatting numbers
Absolute versus relative references
Saving the spreadsheet
Your first Excel graph
Initial Excel settings
Using functions

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Chapter 25
Graphs and charts in Excel

Basics of Excel charts
Creative use of legends
Graphing noncontiguous data
Line charts with titles on the x-axis
Graph titles that update

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Chapter 26
Excel functions

Financial functions
Math functions
Conditional functions
Statistical functions
Match and Index

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Chapter 27
Data tables

One-dimensional data tables
Two-dimensional data tables

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Chapter 28
Goal Seek and Solver

Installing Solver
Using Goal Seek and Solver
What’s the difference between Goal Seek and Solver?
Setting the accuracy levels for Goal Seek and Solver

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Chapter 29
Dates in Excel

Dates and times in a spreadsheet
Time and date functions
Example:  Computing option expiration dates

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