Principles of Finance with Excel, 2nd edition
Instructor materials [under construction]

This site will post PowerPoints, additional problems, exams and other materials relevant to instructors using PFE2 in their university classes.  PFE2 has six parts.  The links below will take you to detailed web pages and contents for each part. 


·        Part 1:  Capital budgeting and valuation [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 1, Introduction to finance

o   Chapter 2, Time value of money

o   Chapter 3, What does it cost?  IRR and the time value of money

o   Chapter 4, Intro to capital budgeting

o   Chapter 5, More capital budgeting

o   Chapter 6, Choosing a discount rate

o   Chapter 7, Financial planning models and valuation

·        Part 2:  Portfolio analysis and the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 8, What is risk?

o   Chapter 9, Statistics for portfolios

o   Chapter 10, Portfolio returns and the efficient frontier

o   Chapter 11, Capital asset pricing model and the security market line

o   Chapter 12, Using the security market line to measure investment performance

o   Chapter 13, Security market line and cost of capital

·        Part 3:  Valuing securities [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 14, Efficient markets—general principles of security valuation

o   Chapter 15, Bond valuation

o   Chapter 16, Valuing stocks

·        Part 4:  Capital structure and dividend policy [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 17, Capital structure and the value of the firm

o   Chapter 18, The evidence on capital structure

o   Chapter 19, Dividend policy

·        Part 5:  Option pricing [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 20, Introduction to options

o   Chapter 21, Option pricing facts

o   Chapter 22, The Black-Scholes formula

o   Chapter 23, Binomial option pricing

·        Part 6:  Excel primer [details and instructor materials]

o   Chapter 24, Introduction to Excel

o   Chapter 25, Graphs and charts in Excel

o   Chapter 26, Excel functions

o   Chapter 27, Data tables

o   Chapter 28, Goal Seek and Solver

o   Chapter 29, Dates in Excel