Prof. Joseph Agassi

Online Papers

A Note on Smith's Term "Naturalism"

Aesthetics and the Israeli Music Scene

Analogies as Generalizations

Anthropomorphism in Science


Bye Bye Weber

Can Adults Become Genuinely Bilingual?

Causality and Medicine

Contemporary European Philosophy, After Half-a-Century

Conventions of Knowledge in Talmudic Law

Critical Rationalism, Comprehensive or Qualified: The Popper-Bartley Dispute

Deception: A View from the Rationalist Perspective

Deconstructing Post-Modernism: Gellner and Crocodile Dundee

Die gegenwärtige Rolle des Technik und Wissenschaftshistoriker

Dissertation without tears

Einstein und Wissenschaftstheorie

Halakha and Agada

Israeli Judaism

Ixmann and the Gavagai

Jacob Katz on Jewish Social History

Karl Popper

Karl Raimund Popper (1902-1994)

Kwan Lihuen on Agassi in Education  [to read this you need Chinese characters]

Leibniz's Place in the History of Physics

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Popper's Popular Critics

Liberal Forensic Medicine

Liberal Nationalism for Israel

Liberal Nationalism (Chapters from the book in Russian)

Metaphysics regained

Movies Seen Many Times

Neo-Classical Economics as 18th Century Theory of Man

On the Limits of Scientific Explanation: Hempel and Evans-Pritchard

On the open grave of Hillel Kook

Philosophy As Literature: The Case of Borges

Prescriptions for Responsible Psychiatry

Quanta in Context

Rights and Reason

Rituals to Block the Reform of Education

Robert Boyle's Anonymous Writings

Science Education Without Pressure

Scientific Literacy

Summary of AFOS Workshop, 1994

Tautology and Testability in Economics

Technology: Philosophical and Social Aspects

The Gro Brundtland Report (1987) Or, The Logic of Awesome Decisions

The Heuristic Bent

The Interface of Philosophy and Physics

The Ivory Tower and the Seat of Power

The Lakatosian Revolution

The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

The Legacy of Buber for an Israeli Society After Zionism

The Mystery of the Ravens

The Novelty of Chomsky's Theories

Theoretical Bias in Evidence: a Historical Sketch

The Philosophy of Science Today

The Role of the Philosopher among the Scientists: Nuisance or Necessity?

The Siblinghood of Humanity - An Introduction to Philosophy (In Chinese)

The Theory and Practice of the Welfare State

The Whole and Its Parts

To Care for the Future of the Human Race

To Save Verisimilitude

Towards a Theory of Awareness and of Consciousness

Training to Survive the Hazard Called Education

Variations on the Liar's Paradox




קוק ללה לש ורבק לע

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