Prof. Joseph Agassi: Publications



1. Towards an Historiography of Science, History and Theory, Beiheft 2, 1963;
facsimile reprint, Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, 1967.

2. The Continuing Revolution: A History of Physics From The Greeks to Einstein, New York: McGraw Hill, 1968, 222 pp.

3. Faraday as a Natural Philosopher, Chicago, Chicago University Press, 1971,
xiv + 359 pp.

4. Science in Flux, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 28, 1975. 523 pp. includes new material: "Prologue: On Stability and Flux"; "Towards a Theory of Ad Hoc Hypotheses", "The Traditional Ad Hoc Use of Instrumentalism"; "Modified Conventionalism" and more. Appendices on Kant and on Buber.

5. (with Yehuda Fried) Paranoia: A Study in Diagnosis, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 50, 1976, 200 pp.

6. Towards a Rational Philosophical Anthropology, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1977, 370 pp.

7. Science and Society: Studies in the Sociology of Science, Boston Studies, 65, 1981. 500 pp. Includes new material: "Science in its Social Setting"; "Was Wittgenstein Really Necessary?"; "The Autonomy of Science"; "Cultural Lag in Science"; "Scientific Schools and Their Success"; "Research Projects"; "What Makes a Scientific Golden Age?"; "Max Weber's Scientific Religion"; "Technocracy and Scientific Progress"; "Standards to Live By". (Italian version of the last item is "Teoria e pratica della psicoanalisi", in Enzo Morpurgo, ed., La psicoanalisi tra scienza e filosofia, Torino: Loescher editore, 1981, 47-55.)

8. (with Yehuda Fried) Psychiatry as Medicine, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1983, 190 pp.

9. Technology: Philosophical and Social Aspects, Episteme, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1985, xix + 261 pp.

10. The Gentle Art of Philosophical Polemics: Selected Reviews and Comments, LaSalle IL: Open Court, 1988, xii + 521 pp. Includes new material: "German Philosophy Englished", "Analytic Philosophy Today", "Grünbuam on (Popper and) Freud", "Cohen Contra Kuhn", "The Philosophy of Hans Albert" and "Karl Popper: A Retrospect".

11. (with Nathaniel Laor) Diagnosis: Philosophical and Medical Perspectives, Episteme, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1990, xviii + 248 pp.

12.. The Siblinghood of Humanity: Introduction to Philosophy. Delmar NY: Caravan Press, 1990, 1991, 245 pp.

13. Radiation Theory and the Quantum Revolution, Basel: Birkhäuser, 1993,
xii+170 pp.

14. A Philosopher's Apprentice: In Karl Popper's Workshop, Series in the Philosophy of Karl R. Popper and Critical Rationalism, Amsterdam and Atlanta GA: Editions Rodopi, 1993, xx+252 pp.

15. Liberal Nationalism for Israel: Towards an Israeli National Identity, Jerusalem and New York: Gefen. Translation from the Hebrew book of 1984.


1. Letters to My Sister Concerning Contemporary Philosophy, Omer: Sarah Batz, 1976 1977. New enlarged edition, Tel-Aviv, Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Chemed Books, 2000.

2. (with Dov Rappel) Philosophy of Education: A Philosophical Dialogue, Israeli Ministry of Defense, 1979.

3. Between Faith and Nationality: Towards an Israeli National Identity, Tel-Aviv: Papirus, Tel-Aviv University, 1984. Second Edition, Revised and enlarged, 1993. English translation, 1999.

4. (with Moshe Berent, and Judith Buber Agassi), Israeli National Awareness, Discussion Paper No. 11-88, 1988. Sapir Center for Development, Tel-Aviv University.

5. Albert Einstein: Unity and Diversity, Israeli Ministry of Defense, 1989, 1994, and 2000.

6. The Philosophy of Technology, Israeli Ministry of Defense, 1990.

7. J. A., Judith Buber Agassi and Moshe Berent, Who is an Israeli?, Rehovot: Kivunim, 1991. A variant of the Discussion Paper.

8. The History of Modern Philosophy from Bacon to Kant (1600-1800): An Introduction. Tel-Aviv: Ramot, Tel-Aviv University, 1993 and reprints.

9. An Introduction to Modern Philosophy, Israeli Ministry of Defense, 1996.

10. (With Yeshayahu Leibowitz) Chemi Ben-Noon, editor, Conversations Concerning the Philosophy of Science, Israeli Ministry of Defense, 1996.

11. (With Yeshayahu Leibowitz) Chemi Ben-Noon, editor, The Limits of Reason: Thought, Science and Religion; Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Joseph Agassi in Conversation, Jerusalem: Keter, 1997.


1. Scienza, metodolgia e società,  edited by Michael Segre, Roma: Luiss Edizioni, 2000. 186 pp.


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4. (With I. C. Jarvie), eds., selected papers By Ernest Gellner: Cause and Meaning in the Social Sciences, 1973, London: Routledge; Contemporary Thought and Politics, 1974, same publisher; The Devil in Modern Philosophy, 1975, same publisher; Spectacles and Predicaments, 1980, London and NY: Cambridge UP; Relativism and Social Sciences, 1985, same publisher.


1. Epistemologia, metafisica, e storia della scienza, Italian translation of "The Confusion Between Physics and Metaphysics in Standard Histories of Science", "The Confusion Between Science and Technology in Standard Philosophies of Science", "The Novelty of Popper's Philosophy of Science", and "Science in Flux: Footnotes to Popper". Rome: Armando, 1978. Reissued, 1997, under the title, Scienza in Divinta, Note a Popper. An excerpt from this book appeared in Giorgio Brianese, ed., "congetturi e confutazioni" di Popper e il dibattito epistemologico post-popperiano, Torino: Pavia, 1988, 189-92.

2. La filosofia dell'uomo libero: verso una storiografia della scienza. Italian translation of Towards an Historiography of Science. Rome: Armando, 1978.

3. Dialogo senza fine: una storia della scienza dai Greci ad Einstein, Translation of The Continuing Revolution: A History of Physics from the Greeks to Einstein. Rome: Armando, 1979.

4. Le radici metafisiche delle teorie scientifiche; Italian translation of "The Nature of Scientific Problems and Their Roots in Metaphysics", "What is a Natural Law?", "Unity and Diversity in Science", and "The Logic of Science and Metaphysics", Rome: Borla, 1983.
Excerpts from this book had appeared in Arcangelo Rossi, ed., Popper e la filosofia della scienza, Sansori, Firenze, 1975, 99-102; also, Giancarlo Brianese, ed., "congetturi e confutazioni" di Popper e il dibattito epistemologico post-popperiano, Torino: Parvia, 1988, 184-8; and Dario Antiseri, ed., Karl R. Popper, Logica della ricerca e soicetá aperta, Brescia: La scuola, 1989, 340-5.


1. The Continuing Revolution, Dvir, Tel-Aviv, 1977.

2. (with Yehuda Fried) Paranoia: A Study in Diagnosis. Tel-Aviv: Hakibutz Hameuhad, 1997.


Pamphlet No. 4 of the European Political Institute, Two essays in Greek, ("The Logic of Political Extremes" and "Faith in the Open Society", English versions of both, 1989), with a Preface by Dimitri Dimitrakos, Athens, May 1985.


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