Laboratory Safety Rules



*  Wear safety glasses

*  Wear protective clothing

*  Know the location and use of all safety equipment

*  Use proper techniques and procedures

*  Add acid to water

*  Be very cautious when testing for odors

*  Use hoods whenever poisonous or irritating fumes are evolved

*  Discard wastes properly - flush liquids down the sink with a large excess of water

*  Report any accident, however minor, to the instructor at once

*  All the times think about what you are doing

*  Be alert, serious, and responsible




*  Eat or drink in the lab

*  Perform unauthorized experiments

*  Leave anything unattended while it is being heated or is reacting rapidly

*  Aim the opening of a test tube or flask at yourself or at anyone else

*  Add water to acid

*  Insert droppers, pipettes and other laboratory equipment into reagent bottles this is a sure way of contaminating the contents

*  Return unused reagents to stock bottles

*  Clutter your work area

*  Take unnecessary risks

*  Enter chemical storage area



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