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The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology provides basic studies in these two disciplines to medical students and students of paramedical professions, as well as training for graduate students in all areas of the biomedical sciences associated with human physiology, pathophysiology and therapy. Based on the philosophy that investigation of the most important questions in these areas requires the application of a variety of approaches, research in the Department involves studies on the molecular and cellular levels as well as whole systems. The various techniques used include spectroscopic, microscopic, molecular biology, biochemical, electrophysiologic and behavioral studies.

Much of the research in the Department addresses problems related to the function, malfunction and therapy concerning disorders of the nervous system. Specific research projects focus on single ionic channels, receptor-binding, extracellular and intracellular processes involved in signal transduction, mechanistic aspects of vision, pain sensation and disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and depression, and modeling of neural functions in health and disease. Several groups are studying various aspects of the cardiovascular system and blood microcirculation. They investigate mechanisms involved in the function of the heart muscle as well as the effects of the modulation of red blood cells deformability on microcirculation.

Basic research on fundamental biophysical topics include studies of the solubilization of lipids in biological fluids, cholesterol precipitation in blood and bile, lipid oxidizability in atheroclerosis. A study of the effects of the gravitational field on the direction-finding of the Oriental Hornet is also under investigation.

In addition to the active research groups located in the Sackler building, the Department includes several members who conduct their research in affiliated institutions. Some of these are MD's, who in addition to practicing medicine, are also active researchers, investigating a variety of systems. These investigators conduct studies related to the cardiovascular system, respiration and hormone actions (growth hormone, Vitamin D, and thyroid hormone).

An additional line of study examines the effect of exposure to power lines and cellular phones on genomic stability of human lymphocytes. An attempt is being made to develop an efficient drug delivery method base on applying electric fields on cells and tissue.

Researchers in our Department collaborate extensively with each other as well as with members of other departments (preclinical and clinical) in the Medical School and with colleagues in Israel and abroad. Many of the research projects are funded by outside agencies.

In addition to the basic science research, the Department is one of the main applicative research resources for the R & D branch of Teva Pharmaceutical Co.

Current investigations and topics of special interest to the faculty of the Department are described briefly in this research directory. References to representative publications are also included .

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Sackler Faculty of Medicine
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 69978, Israel
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Head of Department:
Prof. I. Lotan
Phone: 972-3-6409863

Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Ariela Ton
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