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Publications 2001

Assaf Harofe Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics
  1. Genetic replication control mechanisms – molecular and epigenetic defects (Dr. O. Reich and cytogenetic lab)
  2. Gene mapping of rare disorders (Dr. O. Reich)
  3. Cytogenetic defects, using variable methodologies, in embryonic specimens and malignant tissues (Dr. O. Reich and cytogenetic lab)
  4. Epidemiological studies of common genetic disorders (Dr. O. Reich and Dr. Sher)

Dana Children’s Hospital, Sourasky Medical Center

  1. Inflammatory cytokines as predictor of: (Dr. R. Soferman)
    1. The outcome of RSV acute bronchiolitis
    2. Acute Exacerbations of asthma
    3. Controlled asthma
    4. The importance of small airways disease in asthma
  2. Thermoregulation of the newborn (Prof. S. Dollberg)
  3. Mineral metabolism in pregnancy and neonatal period (Prof. F. Mimouni)
  4. Markers of intrauterine hypoxia (Prof. F. Mimouni & Prof. S. Dollberg)

Meir General Hospital, Department of Pediatrics

  1. Growing Pains and Bone Metabolism (Dr. A. Eliakim, Dr. Y. Uziel)
  2. SLE in children comparing to adults (Dr. Y. Uziel)
  3. Recurrent Transient Synovitis (Dr. Y. Uziel)
  4. Exercise and bone metabolism in premature infants (Dr. A. Eliakim, Dr. Z. Dolfin, Dr. Litmanowits, Dr. R. Regev)
  5. Childhood and adolescent obesity (Dr. A. Eliakim, Dr. D. Nemet, Prof. B. Wolach)

Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel

  1. Prevalence, epidemiology and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance (Prof. S. Ashkenazi)
  2. Evaluation of new vaccines (Prof. S. Ashkenazi, Dr G. Livni)
  3. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of Shigella infections (Prof. S. Ashkenazi)
  4. Cytokine and NO response to antibiotic therapy (Prof. S. Ashkenazi, Dr G. Livni)
  5. The correlation between Helicobacter-pylori infection and Carcinoma of the stomach cardia (Dr. J. Yahav)
  6. The genetic imprint of Helicobacter-pylori among Jews in the world (Dr. J. Yahav)
  7. The effect of Cranberry juice on Helicobacter-pylori adhesion to the stomach (Dr. J. Yahav)
  8. The resistance to antibiotic of Hp in the pediatric age group
  9. The relation between RAP And Helicobacter-pylori in pediatric patients. A multi-center study (Dr. J. Yahav)
  10. The correlation between Hp and extra-intestinal diseases (Dr. J. Yahav)
  11. Identification of genes associated with mental retardation in the Israeli population (Prof. M. Shohat & Dr. L. Basel-Vanagaite)
  12. Mapping of the gene for a specific type of autosomal dominant nephritis. We have located the gene for this disease to chromosome 1, and we are now looking for the gene itself (Prof. M. Shohat)
  13. Mapping of the gene for spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia Shohat type (Prof. M. Shohat)
  14. Maternally transmitted deafness. We have identified the mitochondrial DNA mutation responsible, and at present we are attempting to identify the genetic mechanism involved in the pathophysiology of the deafness (Prof. M. Shohat)
  15. Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital Neuropathic type. We have located the gene for this disease to chromosome 5, and we are now looking for the gene itself (Prof. M. Shohat)
  16. Familial Mediterranean fever. We have worked on determining the relationship between genotype and phenotype (Prof. M. Shohat)
  17. Diabetes Mellitus (Prof. M. Phillip)
  18. Short stature (Prof. M. Phillip)
  19. Obesity – Childhood (Prof. M. Phillip)
  20. Children Growth (Prof. M. Phillip)
  21. Nutrition and Growth (Prof. M. Phillip)
  22. Adrenal problems (Prof. M. Phillip)
  23. Sexual determination (Prof. M. Phillip)
  24. Molecular basis of endocrine diseases (Prof. M. Phillip)
  25. Puberty (Prof. M. Phillip)
  26. Growth, puberty, final height, fertility and genotype-phenotype correlation in non-classical 21-hydroxylase deficiency (Dr. N. Weintrob)
  27. The use of insulin pumps and continuous subcutaneous glucose monitoring system in children and adolescents with IDDM (Dr. N. Weintrob)
  28. Fungal infections in cancer patients (Dr. J. Stein & Dr. I. Yaniv)
  29. Engraftment of hematopoietic stem cells and tolerance of solid organ grafts (Dr. J. Stein, Dr. I. Yaniv & Dr. N. Ashkenazi)
  30. ATM involvement in childhood lymphoid malignancies (Prof. R. Zaizov, Dr. B. Stark, Dr. I Yaniv, Dr. S. Avigad)
  31. Gene expression profile in T cell lymphoid neoplasm’s harboring ATM gene mutations (Dr. I. Yaniv, Dr. B. Stark, Prof. R. Zaizov, Dr. S. Avigad)
  32. Telomerase activity and telomere length in Ewing family of tumors (Dr. IJ. Cohen, Dr. S. Avigad, Dr I. Yaniv, Prof. R. Zaizov)
  33. Distinction of high risk Ewing sarcoma by gene expression profile with cDNA micro arrays (Dr. S. Avigad, Prof. R. Zaizov, Dr. IJ. Cohen, Dr. I. Yaniv)
  34. NF1 gene involvement in childhood malignancies (Dr. S. Avigad, Dr. B. Stark, Dr I. Yaniv, Dr. IJ. Cohen, Prof. R. Zaizov)
  35. Characterization of the recently identified Codamin-1 gene mutated in congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type 1 (Dr. H. Tamari)
  36. Localization of the gene involved in Bedouin family with dysmegakaryopoiesis (Dr. H. Tamari)
  37. The molecular basis of Fanconi anemia in Israel (Dr. H. Tamari)
  38. Immunomodulation of lung epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages; nitric oxide secretion, IL-8, TNF alpha, Nfkappa B; surfactant protein A (Dr. H. Blau)
  39. Cystic fibrosis –exercise programs and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation (Dr. H. Blau)
  40. Cystic fibrosis – modifier genes (Dr. M. Livne, Dr. H. Blau)
  41. Cystic fibrosis – induced sputum microbiology and inflammatory cytokines (Dr. H. Mussafi, Dr. H. Blau)
  42. Immunomodulatory effects of Quinolone (Dr. I. Shalit)
  43. Antifungal therapy against candida and aspergillus spp (Basic research and clinical research) (Dr. I. Shalit, Dr. I. Levy)
  44. Hospital epidemiology and the epidemiology of selected pathogens (i.e. mycobacteria, fungi, selected bacteria (i.e. andocarditis, central line associated blood stream infections (Dr. I. Levy, Dr. I. Shalit)
  45. Characterization of type I diabetes and associated autoimmune diseases by genetic, immunologic and metabolic markers (Dr. P. Vardi, Dr. K. Bloch, in collaboration with the University of Colorado (funded by: NIH, BSF, Ministry of health)
  46. Characterization of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes among Israeli obese children and adolescents (Dr. P. Vardi)
  47. Selection of insulin producing cells with high resistance to beta cell toxins (Dr. P. Vardi, Dr. K. Bloch)
  48. Development of artificial
  49. Prevalence of congenital malformations and long term follow-up of IVF children (Prof. P. Merlob, Prof Fish)
  50. The biological significance of sex ratio; Sex ratio in IVF twins versus spontaneous twins (Prof. P. Merlob, Dr. Netzer)
  51. Computerized program for study of auricular mild errors of morphogenesis (Prof. P. Merlob, Dr. Grun, Dr. Bader)
  52. Long-term follow-up of the anterior placement of anus (Prof. P. Merlob, Dr. J. Ben-Ari)

The Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital- Chaim Sheba Medical Center

  1. Novel cell therapy for kidney disease (Dr. B. Dekel)
  2. Genetics of normal kidney development and its aberrations; congenital malformations and embryonic malignancies (Wilms’ tumor) (Dr. B. Dekel)
  3. Characterization of genetic syndromes (Prof. M. Frydman)
  4. Gene mapping and cloning (Prof. M. Frydman)
  5. Screening for genetic diseases (Prof. M. Frydman)
  6. Ischemia Reperfusion and the Cytokine response to Cardiopulmonary-Bypass (Dr. G. Paret)
  7. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , pharmacodynamics-pharmacokinetics of endotracheal drug delivery (Dr. G. Paret)
  8. Acute lung injury & ARDS (Dr. G. Paret)

Edith Wolfson Center, Department of Pediatrics

  1. Susceptibility genes in Crohn’s disease (Dr. A. Levine, Dr. Leshinsky-Silver)
  2. Tumor suppression expression in inflammatory bowel disease (Dr. A. Levine, Dr Shirin)
  3. Use of oral Budesonide for Crohn’s disease (Dr. A. Levine)
  4. Causes and treatment of severe food intolerance in developmentally disabled children (Dr. A. Levine)
  5. H. Pylori and GERD symptoms in the pediatric age group (Dr. A. Levine)
  6. Spectral analysis in preterm infants (Dr. D. Kohelet)
  7. Intraesophageal pH monitoring in preterm infants (Dr. D. Kohelet, Dr. Gorenstein)
  8. Risk factors of seizures in VLBW infants (Dr. D. Kohelet, Dr. B. Reichman)
  9. The association between periventricular leukomalacia and seizures in VLBW infants (Dr. D. Kohelet, Dr. B. Reichman)
  10. Erythropoietin therapy to premature infants (Prof. A. Ballin)
  11. Cord blood preservation for marrow reconstitution (Prof. A. Ballin)
  12. Epidemiologic aspects of iron deficiency in children and adolescents (Prof. A. Ballin)
  13. Platelet function in pediatric ITP (Prof. A. Ballin)
  14. The effect of antidepressant therapy on the immune system of children and adolescents (Prof. A. Ballin)
  15. Food allergy in infancy (Dr. I. Dalal)
  16. RAG mutations among SCID patients (Dr. I. Dalal)
  17. Sesame allergy- Identification of allergic epitopes (Dr. I. Dalal)
  18. Cytokines and inflammation (Dr. I. Dalal)
  19. IDDM and autoimmunity (Dr. I. Dalal)
  20. Varicella infection: epidemiology, pathogenesis, cost effectiveness of vaccine (Dr. E. Somekh)
  21. Pediatric surgery infection (approach to intraabdominal and cervical infections, pathogenesis and treatment of epididymitis) (Dr. E. Somekh)
  22. Immune response to infection (generation of cytokines, recruitment of CD5B cells) (Dr. E. Somekh)
  23. Molecular basis of mineralocorticoid hormone resistance syndromes (pseudohypoaldosteronism) (Dr. A. Hanukoglu)
  24. Aldosterone action and epithelial sodium channels subunit mutations (Dr. A. Hanukoglu)
  25. Extrapancreatic autoimmune conditions in diabetes type 1 patients and their first-degree relatives (Dr. A. Hanukoglu)
  26. The value of "Subcutaneous continuous blood monitoring system" as a diagnostic tool in various types of diabetes mellitus (Dr. A. Hanukoglu)
  27. In-utero effects of penicillamine on thyroid enzymes in patients with Wilson disease (Dr. A. Hanukoglu)