The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is Israel's largest institute of higher medical education. The Sackler School of Medicine, the Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine and the School of Health Professions offer first professional degrees. In addition, the Faculty's School of Continuing Medical Education provides continuing medical education. The Graduate School offers further research studies towards MSc and PhD degrees.

Altogether, the Faculty includes approximately 1000 teachers in preclinical departments and in affiliated clinical departments and institutes, located in 7 major medical centers, six psychiatric hospitals, and a large rehabilitation center.

About 600 Israeli students are enrolled in the regular six years MD program; approximately 300 American students are enrolled in a four year MD program with a curriculum patterned after those of US medical Schools; about 200 students study dental medicine in a six year program towards the DMD degree and approximately 2000 students study health professions towards a first degree in Communication Disorders, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

In all its activities the Sackler Faculty of Medicine is committed to excellence. Sackler's educational philosophy reflects our belief that the most important task is to develop the skills of all our students to continue learning, and thus reach their maximum potential. Since 1999, the curriculum of our Medical Studies (Israeli program) has undergone major reforms. The new program (Medicine 2000+) best presents our attempt to deepen self-learning and to stress humanistic and ethical aspects of medical practice and problem-solving strategies. Similar reforms are planned in other programs of the Faculty, including the New York State/American Program and the programs of the four departments of the School of Health Professions.

Sackler School of Continuing Medical Education is not only the largest in the country, with 2400 physicians enrolled, it is one of the keystones of continuing medical education in Israel. Through lectures given in the school, as well as through distant learning programs, the school helps Israeli doctors to remain updated in the various fields of medicine and other health professions.

Sackler's Graduate School trains MSc and PhD students, altogether about 800 students, in the biomedical disciplines, with special emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach and application of fundamental knowledge to important biomedical problems. Each student is offered a wealth of options to compliment his/her individual interests and develop his/her research.

Research in Sackler's preclinical and clinical departments covers most fields of modern biomedical sciences. The various Research Centers and Institutes, some of which are jointly operated by Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Life Sciences, support research in specific fields, with emphasis on disease-orientated research. Many of our researchers are leading scientists in their respective fields of research. Joint efforts of basic scientists and clinicians enhance our status in the scientific arena.