Goldschleger Eye Research Institute

Sheba Medical Center

Tel Hashomer

Address: Sheba Medical Center
Tel-Hashomer 52621
Director: Efrat Kessler, Ph.D.

research groups


The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger Eye Institute, inaugurated in 1978, includes a medical center and a Research Institute under the same roof. The Institute was established in the light of the late Prof. Richard Stein's dreams and vision. These were brought to fruition through the good will and devotion of the Goldschleger family, who built, inaugurated, and supported the Institute over two decades. Its unique structure provides a continuous link between scientists and physicians for the benefit of humanity.

The Goldschleger Eye Research Institute's research activities cover most of the fields of eye research, dealing with both basic and applied studies. Our scientific activities also branched into non-ophthalmological subjects due to the unique expertise of our staff in the various spheres of science.

research groups

Naphtali Savion, Ph.D. Cell Biology Laboratory
Efrat Kessler, Ph.D. Biochemistry Laboratory
Nava Naveh, M.D. Pharmacology and Glaucoma Research Laboratory
Michael Belkin, M.D. Ophthalmic Technologies Laboratory
Mordechai Rosner, M.D. Histopathological Laboratory
Uri Yinon, Ph.D. Physiological Laboratory
Arieh S. Solomon, M.D.,PhD Experimental Ophthalmology Laboratory
Uri Polat, PhD. Laboratory for Visual Neuroscience