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The I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research constitutes a focus for collaboration with our colleagues at other academic centers in Israel and abroad. Most of the researchers at the zoo are members of the Israel Zoological Society. The nature conservation activities carried out at the zoo could not be achieved without the close cooperation of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Society for Protection of Nature, as well as such other organizations as the International Centre for the Study of Bird Migration, in Latrun, and the Israel Ornithological Centre.

Through the Nature Campus unit the zoo organizes activities for teachers and pupils within the education framework, as well as training of staff and study days for various bodies, such as the Jewish National Fund, the Society for the Protection of Nature, and the Nature and Parks Authority. These activities are carried out in collaboration with the Botanical Gardens and the Zoological Museum of Tel Aviv University.

The zoo owes a special thanks to the Canadian Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University and to Mr Meier Segals, its former President, as well as to Professor Lawrence Bessner and his wife Terry, who have been for many years among the foremost supporters of the zoological gardens and whose major contribution enabled construction of the research building in the zoo. The Israeli Electric Company is currently carrying out collaborative educational projects, including a live-broadcast from the zoological gardens, set up together with the Moked Emun Emnor-Caesaria company, enabling monitoring and observation of animals in the zoo through the Internet.