The Israel Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
אודות המחלקה

The Israel Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ISBMB) is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization. 

ISBMB was established by Ephraim Katzir and Shlomo Hestrin in 1959.

Early ISBMB history

List of all executive committees who served ISBMB

Most members teach/study and conduct research at universities. Others conduct research in various government laboratories, medical centers, nonprofit research institutions, and industry. 


ISBMB is a member of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

ISBMB is a member of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB)


Promoting the sciences of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in Israel. Promoting research and teaching in the fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, and Molecular Genetics. 
Establishing professional interactions and exchange of information in the above fields, between scientists in Israel and abroad. Holding conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars, and exchange of information in these fields. Assistance and awarding scholarships, prizes and support to scientists, researchers, teachers and students in Israel and Israelis abroad in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Strengthening the connection between the scientific activity in the above fields and the practical applications in medicine and the industry. Establishing and managing funds, bank accounts, signing contracts, all for the purpose of accomplishing the above goals.

Executive Committee



President: Prof. Shulamit Michaeli

Secretary: Prof. Abdussalam Azem



Dr. Haim Cohen

Dr. Gali Prag



ISBMB board members



Michal Sharon

Department of Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science,



Oded Livnah

Department of Biological Chemistry, The Alexander Silverman Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Ofer Yifrach

Department of Life Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



Drorit Neumann

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University



Michael Glickman

Faculty of Biology, Technion Institute of Technology



Yaron Shav-Tal

Faculty of Life Sciences & Institute of Nanotechnology Bar-Ilan University








Magali Mizrahi

ISBMB Activities

a) Organizing annual scientific meetings, where current research in all fields of biochemistry and molecular biology is presented by leading investigators from local institutions and by distinguished speakers from overseas, who survey their fields and describe their own research in plenary lectures. Furthermore, many individual research projects are presented in poster sessions.

b) Supporting local Conferences.

c) Awarding prizes to young scientists and PhD Students for outstanding research conducted in Israel , in the fields of biochemistry or molecular biology. 

d) Sustaining scientific relationships with other national and international biochemical societies, involvement in election of editors for journals published by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), and involvement in election of members for European committees, which deal with fellowships and organization of international courses. ISBMB members enjoy automatic membership in FEBS and IUBMB which enables them to apply for fellowships, travel funds, advanced courses and many additional activities. 

e) Updating ISBMB members through e-mail messages and regular mail, about local and international meetings and courses.