Prof. Nathan Nelson
Ph.D.: Tel Aviv University 1970
Phone: Tel: 972 - 3 - 6406017
Fax: 972 -3 - 6406018
Room#: Sherman Building, Room 530
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Research Interests


Molecular biology of membrane proteins


Our lab concentrates on the study of membrane-proteins. We study the molecular mechanisms involved in transport and energy transduction. The five main subjects that we are currently engaged in are:

  1. Structure, function and molecular biology of photosystem I and other membrane complexes in higher plant chloroplasts. We solve the structure of plant PSI super-complex including its four light-harvesting complexes at 3.1 Å resolution. We intend to obtain atomic resolution of plant PSI.
  2. Structural determination of super-complexes in biological membranes. Crystal structure of PSI-ferredoxin, PSI-plastocyanin, PSI- cytochrome b6-f etc.
  3. Crystal structure of chloroplast photosystem II and ATP-synthase.
  4. Expression and structural determination of marine viruses-encoded membrane proteins.
  5. Harnessing Oxygenic Photosynthesis for Sustainable Energy Production.


Selected Publications
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