Paul Liptz



Born in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) 1944. Obtained BA (History and Philosophy) at the University of Rhodesia (a branch of London University).

Went to Israel one day before the Six Day War (June 1967).

Graduated MA (cum laude) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Dept. of Asian and African Studies and taught in that Department as well as 3 years in the Melton Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora (adult education section).

From 1972 taught in the Dept. of Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University, giving a wide range of courses on Africa and the Middle East. Has developed film based courses dealing with “Proto-Nationalism and Nationalism”, “Society and Belief” and “Women and Family”.

Was involved for over a decade in Zionist youth movement work, particularly in the training of youth leaders.

Has administered several educational programs.

Travels extensively (over 20 occasions ) around the world, giving lectures and conducting workshops. He has taught in Australia, Czech Republic, Britain, South Africa and the United States. Has visited Hope, Albion and Earlham on a number of occasions.

Over the years has moved from “straight” History and now incorporates Sociology and Political Science in his teaching. Is particularly interested in pedagogic techniques and tends to be “learner-oriented”.

His latest article deals with youth movements, ideology and challenges of the 21st century.

Is married with 4 children.

Believes in the Latin dictum “Tot facienda, parum factum” - “So much to do, so little done”



1964 - 1966

City of Salisbury Scholarship

1964 - 1966

Rhodesian Government Grant


Hebrew University Grant

1978 - 1979

Jewish Memorial Foundation Grant



1971 -

Department of Middle East and African History, Tel Aviv University (Fields of specialization: Imperialism and Colonialism; Nationalism; Society and Belief in the Middle East and Africa; Women. Use of Feature Films and Documentaries as Teaching Tools).

1983 -

Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem (Modern Jewish History, Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, Zionism, Contemporary Israeli and Middle Eastern History) Graduate and undergraduate programs, Adult outreach programs.

1997 -

Lecturer, Beit Midrash/Liberal Yeshiva (Hebrew Union College/ World Union for Progressive Judaism)



1979 -

Dr Gideon Shimoni:

research on the Jewish community of South Africa

1972 -

Professor Simon Herman:

research on aspects of Jewish identity of Southern African Students in Israel)



Extensive archival research in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Zimbabwe



“The Zionist Youth Movement in Changing Times”, JPMP, London, 1998 (in process)

... with Barbara Spectre, “Teaching past: An Israeli Model”, Journal of Jewish Education, volume 61, number 1, Summer 1994.

“The Jew on a Short-term Visit to Israel: A ‘Magical Mystery Tour’”, Journal of Jewish Communal Service, volume 69, number 4, Summer 1993

... with Z.Cramer, “The Treatment of Depression: A Multidisciplinary Approach”, The Family Physician (Hebrew), volume XVIII, number 2, August 1990.



“Jerusalem: A Mere 3000 Years” - an interactive, thematic program for youth, students and adults. Multidisciplinary (history, sociology, theology, political science, art, music, military science).



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