Computer Account

Every student who has paid tuition automatically gets a computer account. The student can use this account for computing resources such as e-mail, electronic journals, scientific software, etc.

The computer account must be activated (once).

To activate the account, the student must supply the following details:

  1. ID number or passport (9 digits).
  2. Personal code (4 digits). This code is written on the acceptance letters from the university and in the tuition receipts.
  3. Birth date.
To activate the account:

In the above process, the student will sign the "Acceptable Use Policy" by re-entering the personal code (4 digits). The Internet Policy of Tel Aviv University will also be displayed.


In the process of activating the computer account (see above), the system will display the username that was given to the student. The student's username is composed of as many as 12 Latin letters from the student's first name and last name.
For example: Moshe Sofer's username might be "moshesofer".

  1. A student who has forgotten the computer account name can use the activation process to review the name.
  2. A student who does not supply a name in Latin letters when registering at the university, CAN NOT get a computer account! The student must go to the registration office to fix it.


In the activation of the computer account, the student will be asked to choose a password. The password must comply with some
password rules.
The password expires every six months. An e-mail is sent to the user a few days prior to the expiration date.
To change password go to:
The new password will be active within 30 minutes.


For help, contact your faculty computer coordinator
or turn to the helpdesk at the Computing Division via the portal at:, Tel: 03-6408888.



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