Electronic Mail (E-MAIL)

Every student at Tel Aviv University is entitled to e-mail services during his studies.
TAU's staff (academic and administrative) use this e-mail address to send messages to the student.

Mail services via Google

    Students will get e-mail services via Google.
    To enter the e-mail go to: http://mail.tau.ac.il.
    Another way to enter e-mail is via: http://mytau.tau.ac.il.
    E-mail services will be granted only after the student pays his tuition payment and confirmed his computer account.
  1. E-mail Address
    The e-mail address is: username@mail.tau.ac.il,
    Where "username" is the student's username as described at http://tau.ac.il/cc/computing/students-user-eng.html.
    Example: moshesof@mail.tau.ac.il
  2. Forwarding E-mail
    If the student wishes to forward his e-mail to a different e-mail address, he should do it according to the following explanations (in Hebrew):


For help, turn to the coordinator of your faculty
or turn to the helpdesk in the Computing Division https://helpdesk.tau.ac.il, Tel: 03-6408888. .



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