Reverse Proxy Limitations

The service provided by the reverse proxy allows Tel Aviv University users to access electronic resources from off-campus locations (such as an external ISP, an Internet Caffe or office).

This proxy service has some limitations. There are workarounds to those limitations:

  1. It rewrites all internal links in such a way that will not allow you to share the links you see in the browser's address line with colleagues which do not have a TAU computer account ( University's Username and Password).

    If you need to share these links, you will need to translate the links you see to the real links by striping the string: "" from the end of the hostname part of the url.

    For example: If you see:
    and you wish to send this link to a colleague that does not have a username and password at Tel Aviv University then, you should send the following link:
    Your colleagues will be able to see the journal if they have a permitted access to it.

  2. If you are a TAU member and you have a link (a url) from a journal or from a colleague and you want to access it directly using our proxy, you need to use the following syntax:

    For example:
    If you wish to access the following link:
    by using our reverse proxy then, you need to write
    you will be asked to enter your TAU Username and Password and then you will enter the requested link.