Call for proposals for German-Israeli Minerva Schools 2014



The Minerva Foundation is inviting proposals to hold a German-Israeli Minerva School in 2014.


Minerva Schools may be held in all areas of research with a focus on young Israeli and German scientists (i.e. especially post doctoral- and doctoral students). Minerva Schools aim at enabling first contacts, scientific discourse, exchange of ideas and also interaction with select senior scientists. In this sense the funding provided is seed money to establish new collaborative efforts. The venue may be in either Germany or Israel. In both countries, the participants should come from different universities.


Minerva Schools are funded with up to EUR 25,500. The funding shall be spent to support all junior scientists (especially post doctoral- and doctoral students) involved and cover their travel, boarding, and lodging expenses. Senior scientists (lecturers) may also receive financial support, however no honoraria.


Please send proposals in English only (by e-mail and normal post) and include the following points:


·      Content and subject area that the Minerva School will be dealing with

·      Specific topics to be addressed during the school

·      Future impact of the school for the field of research

·      Planned course of the programme (including a schedule)

·      Outline of expected participants including their home universities (the ratio between the numbers of Israeli and German participants should be approximately equal)

·      Outline of lecturers

·      Budget (if the costs exceed € 25,500, please mention the source(s) for the additional funds)

·      Conference venue and date

·      Co-operating institutions

·      Name and affiliation of the organizer and co-organizer


Please note that your proposal for a Minerva School should not involve similar/identical topics or the same group of people as previous ones (


Because selection is competitive it is recommended to submit a detailed proposal (average: 4-6 pages).


The deadline for submitting applications is 1 February 2013. Please address your proposal to:


Minerva Stiftung, Ms. Sieglinde Reichardt

Hofgartenstr. 8, 80539 München


Tel. +49-(0)89-2108-1242, Fax: +49-(0)89-2108-1222